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    Gaming Pokemon Omega Ruby help

    Yes, It didn't work.
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    Gaming Pokemon Omega Ruby help

    Hi, This is a problem I have only in Omega Ruby. Absolutely 0% of the people in the passerby is online and it stays like that forever. but my Acquaintances and Friends are fine. this is happening only in Omega Ruby. is there a way to fix this without having to start a new game all over again?
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    yeah, thanks for pointing that out, i just automatically thought it applied to only to the switch.
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    doesn't do with nintendo switch, it's not about eshop, but I found out that the simple solution for now is to connect to my Computer's mobile hot spot in Windows 10. auto actually, scratch that, after a little while, it connected successfully to the router.
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    no, it's the same, the weird thing is I was able to connect before, all other devices can connect to the internet, just not the 3ds.
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    This is a Wii error. does this apply to the 3ds? also, I just did a connection test, it connects to the router but not to the internet.
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    hi, i know this isn't usually the place to talk about 3ds errors, but cause of the corona virus, i have to put it here. anyway, while playing Pokemon alpha sapphire, even though the 3ds is connected to the internet, it gives a error could not connect to the internet and the code is: 003-2001...
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    Gaming Pokemon Alpha sapphire cheat problem

    Hi, Most Luma and NCR CFW cheats don't work even without the fully updated game. so the shiny cheat doesn't work, the random wild Pokemon cheat doesn't work, is there some way to get them to work?
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    ROM Hack 3DS ROM hacking/Translations/Utilities - Posting guideline

    I can make links or put a rom hack file in threads i create right?
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    Gaming Pokemon Alpha Sapphire wild Pokemon modifier cheat

    Hi, just in the mood to capture and faint some wild Xerneas and Yveltal. does anyone know a wild Pokemon modifier cheat that doesn't require having Powersaves or those cheat devices you have to put on your 3ds?
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    Hacking Pokemon Encounter cheat Alpha Sapphire?

    Is there an encounter cheat with the luma cheats? by the way, most of the cheats I tried don't work even without the fully updated version of Pokemon X, Y or the Hoenn remakes.
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    ROM Hack Hacking tool kit 9DS problem

    OMG dude I don't know how but I was just watching the task manager with the hacking tool open through the whole process and it did freeze every now and then like wtf 99% CPU and 100% Memory but my Windows 7 laptop survived it this time. anyway thx so much now I can play as Yveltal in Alpha Sapphire.
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    ROM Hack Hacking tool kit 9DS problem

    Hi, When I try to repack a cia file with Hacking tool kit 9DS, it always ends up slowing down my computer at first then it freezes after a while. can somebody tell me how this can be fixed?
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    ROM Hack [Tutorial] How to Decrypt, Extract & Rebuild 3DS|CIA|CXI Files

    dude it was Originally Windows 7 it shouldn't be that bad. I don't think cpu has anything to do with this.
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    ROM Hack [Tutorial] How to Decrypt, Extract & Rebuild 3DS|CIA|CXI Files

    Hi, when I try to repack the cia, the application literally slows down my computer a lot and then after a little while it freezes up. can you fix it?
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    ROM Hack Where is Brendan's normal sprite

    Hi, I want to replace Brendan's normal walking model in a/0/2/1., I find the others like the one where he's diving, and has the suit on, but I can't find his normal walking model. can someone please tell me what number is Brendan's normal walking model?
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    ROM Hack [WIP] Ohana3DS tool

    Hi, I'm trying to change textures in a Alpha sapphire rom hack can you give me the one that worked with .147 and .146 files? this one doesn't work.
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    ROM Hack Need help with Pokemon BW2 romhacking

    Hi, here is what you will need: editing program (you can use Windows paint) BWSE, BWOE. BW/B2W2 Trainer editor, Nitro Explorer, Kiwi.ds editor, and Tinkee. just search these tools except the editing program. search Black and White overworld editor on google too and download them. now, for me, if...
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom hacking help needed

    Hi, I am new to 3ds rom hacking. so I am working on a simple Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom hack, the main goal of it is to let you play as Yveltal the destruction Pokemon and I have been following a video for the textures. it was going well until it came to the Pokemon files. so first, a link...
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