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  1. nerdlevel1

    Homebrew retroarch complete zip

    Hey so Ive been wanting to get retroarch on my wii u for a while but the recent stabel, nightly or from the homebrew app store wont work properly ive looked online and it seems like you need to combine the stable and the nightly and drag asstes from retroarch pc. So I was wondering does anyone...
  2. nerdlevel1

    Homebrew can wup installer gx brick?

    I've been using wup installer gx to download a lot of forwarders, injected vc games and the like and remembered that there is some risk to downloading things to system nand on an original Wii and was wondering if there's any risk using wup installer gx to install to system nand? (considering...
  3. nerdlevel1

    Homebrew 3D ds homebrew?

    I've just noticed how cool some of the 3d ds homebrew (not like with 3ds as in 3d platformer) is I've seen the early build of counter strike and Mario 64 for dsi and was wondering if anyone knew of some other homebrew like this?
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