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    Closed- thanks Is there anything really special to installing tinfoil? I downloaded the NRO self installer and put it in the switch folder and it sees it but crashes on startup and wont install. Thats ALL I did last night though due to time then did further reading today NOW from my further...
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    back up emunand on thumb drive?

    Im sure this has been asked a million times but is it possible to just basically zip the entire contents of your thumb drive emunand and store is on a PC for easy backup and restore or is there a partitioning thats done that wouldnt allow this? Thanks !
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    Homebrew Misc Chaiki - works great but a bit laggy and glitchy

    Anyone else here use Chaiki? I recently set up atmosphere on my switch just for this. I love the ability but Ive played with the setting I could for resolution and framerate but its still a bit choppy and input laggy. Mind you Im playing elden ring so maybe the game is just too much for it? My...
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