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    Gaming Pokemon Omega Ruby help

    Hi, This is a problem I have only in Omega Ruby. Absolutely 0% of the people in the passerby is online and it stays like that forever. but my Acquaintances and Friends are fine. this is happening only in Omega Ruby. is there a way to fix this without having to start a new game all over again?
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    Hardware 3ds error code

    hi, i know this isn't usually the place to talk about 3ds errors, but cause of the corona virus, i have to put it here. anyway, while playing Pokemon alpha sapphire, even though the 3ds is connected to the internet, it gives a error could not connect to the internet and the code is: 003-2001...
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    Gaming Pokemon Alpha sapphire cheat problem

    Hi, Most Luma and NCR CFW cheats don't work even without the fully updated game. so the shiny cheat doesn't work, the random wild Pokemon cheat doesn't work, is there some way to get them to work?
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    Gaming Pokemon Alpha Sapphire wild Pokemon modifier cheat

    Hi, just in the mood to capture and faint some wild Xerneas and Yveltal. does anyone know a wild Pokemon modifier cheat that doesn't require having Powersaves or those cheat devices you have to put on your 3ds?
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    ROM Hack Hacking tool kit 9DS problem

    Hi, When I try to repack a cia file with Hacking tool kit 9DS, it always ends up slowing down my computer at first then it freezes after a while. can somebody tell me how this can be fixed?
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    ROM Hack Where is Brendan's normal sprite

    Hi, I want to replace Brendan's normal walking model in a/0/2/1., I find the others like the one where he's diving, and has the suit on, but I can't find his normal walking model. can someone please tell me what number is Brendan's normal walking model?
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom hacking help needed

    Hi, I am new to 3ds rom hacking. so I am working on a simple Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom hack, the main goal of it is to let you play as Yveltal the destruction Pokemon and I have been following a video for the textures. it was going well until it came to the Pokemon files. so first, a link...
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