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    DS #2731: FIFA 09 (Europe)

    Hi, I really enjoyed FIFA 08, but I can't play this one... I have an (old) M3 lite perefect slot2... Does anyone knoe the setting to make it work? Thanx in advance See ya
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    DS #2033: FIFA Street 3 (Europe)

    This one is really a surprise! Wasnt expecting anything, but I gave it a try and it looks and plays quite well!
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    GBAtemp's Christmas Cheer Competition - WIN A DSTT

    Here's my entry. I read this just today, so hope noone had this idea before. Anyway, merry xmas for all of you!!! (Click on the thubnail for bigger image) Direct link:
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    DS #1837: Survival Kids Chiisana Shima no Ookina Himitsu (Japan)

    Let's hope this one is good... I was really looking forward to the first one when it was released... but didn't like it... nor the second... Let's hope they've changed everything that was bad in the previous games...
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    DS #1570: World Soccer Winning Eleven DS (Japan)

    So is this Pro evolution Soccer 2008??? Looks once again like crap.
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    DS #1456: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (

    Anyway, it's really a nice game, sound and looks reaaaaally nice!!! And yes, is in spanish also.
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    DS #1456: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (

    Works fine on M3 Lite MicroSD: Trim rom, 1xDMA, Force R/W, No Soft reset.
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    DS #1371: Simple DS Series Vol. 21: The Fuhyou: Bitai de Shutsugeki&#3

    Mmm... I'm using M3 SD and had to make de ARM7 patch... but the game seems to havce some issues, because I've experienced frame rate going down to 10 fps and other kind o f slow-downs... Anyway... is there any way of running???? the soldier is sooooo slow...
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    DS #1371: Simple DS Series Vol. 21: The Fuhyou: Bitai de Shutsugeki&#3

    Is it playable if you can't read japanese?
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    DS #1368: Worms: Open Warfare 2 (Europe)

    But that savegame is for G6??? Or other device???
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    DS #1368: Worms: Open Warfare 2 (Europe)

    Not working on M3 SD... tried all settings....
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    DS #1365: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08 (USA)

    Does anyone knows the settings for M3??? thanx
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    DS #1162: Transformers: Decepticons (USA)

    Hi! I'm actually enjoying this game! But I have a little issue: I'm using M3 lite and there's a black line appearing sometimes (upper screen). I think it's something about screen refresh speed... I've read some of you have this line too, but in my case is quite annoying, because it appears...
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    I use this combination and it isn't working! I have a Kignston 1 GB Micro SD
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    ROM Hack Homebrew SNES Starfox

    Actually, there was a StarFox homebrew port for de GBA (Starfox advance, i think it was called) and it was true, as I played it. It was only a demo... first level I think (it was long time ago) but it was true...
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    Has anyone played? I'm in the second chapter (the one where you're a man, not that kid) and after the fight with the white "gargoyle" (that flying thing in the third or fourth stage), when I try to open the next door it keeps saying "Now Loading" and nothing happens... what can I do??? PS: I'm...
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    Wow! This game's awesome. Love it! What do i have to do to use special shots? key combination? Different touch? are they different for each character?
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    Matroid has been avaiable at stores in Spain for 6 or 7 days now. Ialready bought mine!
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    GBAtemp Tetris Tournament Registrations OPEN!

    Wow! I love this idea! I really enjoy Tetris Online, and as long as I couldn't join MarioKart DS tournament, I'm really looking forward to it! (as well as my new router ^^).. Signed
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