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    Hacking 4.3E BannerBrick

    You should be able to modify an ssbb iso to be auto booting, and use smashstack - I think...
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    Hacking Broken DVD drive and softmodding

    Of course you could temporarily put a working dvd drive in it to mod it (ie, the one from your wii...). Other alternatives would be things like the wode/sundisk/sundrive/wiikey fusion...
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    Hacking can i hack my friends wiis and charging for it?

    Maybe get them to buy you lunch or something.... It's a bit rude making money off other people's work. The only time I have been paid for this stuff is when I was soldering in chips.
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    Hacking Component Cable Problem

    Just buy some simple dedicated wii component cables. I have (and recommend) these ->
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    Gaming wii ftp MAX 150kbs?

    Well.. it's certainly not falling over to 11mbit 802.11B. I suppose they just have a shitty network stack.. it was only ever designed for online play / updates.
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    Gaming wii ftp MAX 150kbs?

    That's about all I get on mine over 802.11G.
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    Hacking Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Hacking

    SMG2 runs fine from the disc channel on my PAL wii running 4.0E with IOS56 manually installed. The reason I have stayed away from 4.2 is it breaks mod chips region override function. I don't see why you would ever want to delete IOSs... unless you mean removing the stubs from the cIOS slots...
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    Hacking Hardmods only!!!!

    It is generally safe to update... but if you go to 4.2, out-of-region games won't be read in the disc channel.
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    Gaming Question About Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Disc Channel

    You probbaly don't have IOS56 installed. Use DOP-IOS to get it It works from the disc channel on my PAL wii
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    Hacking Super Mario Galaxy 2 Backup loader info

    Launch it with Gecko OS or similar.
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    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy 2 hype topic

    Good luck with that... not released here until 10 June.
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    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy 2 hype topic

    Only for burnt discs. WODs use a different TOC and make no sense to your bog standard optical drive.
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    Gaming Super Mario Galaxy 2 hype topic

    Not original discs. Unless you have the specific LG drive, you need a wii with a cIOS or an SD Gecko to dump discs.
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    Hacking Just got a black wii

    FAT32 should do it
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    Hacking I Bricked my Wii

    Try savemiifrii - if it boots you should be able to do something to recover.. like, install a mod chip, autoboot SSBB, run homebrew from smashstack
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    Hacking New Black Wii

    Any new wii (white or black) will be packing a D3-2 drive, so no DVD-Video reads - and hence no softloaders will work. There aren't any mod chips for them either, but it is possible that they may come. Disc checks happen in the DVD-ROM itself, but it is possible to swap it out for an older one...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    Or turn on Quick Boot - (Settings -> Game Load -> Quick Boot (Yes)) This makes 929 work fine with 249v19 for me.
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    Hacking D3-2 Replacement

    Agreed - the solder points for a board replacement are a walk in the park. Soldering the old mod chip points to legs of the ICs not so much!
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    Hacking Is there an update for the D2C Chip yet?

    4.2 breaks region override on mod chips - so changes are what you are seeing is that out-of-region games don't work. Your options are to use a homebrew launcher (eg, Gecko OS) or downgrade. I'd just use a loader myself. Grab the hackmii installer, install the homebrew channel and use Gecko OS...
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    Hacking What is SNEEK used for?

    Well you need to 'mod' it enough to be able to run sneek - ie cIOS at least. But you can do all sorts of risky/nasty things to the sneek image and leave your system relatively clean.
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