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    Gaming VIDEO: Pokemon X and Y How To Chain.

    Hello all, I got a lot of requests to do tutorial for the pokeradar, and since i'm not good with "tutorials",I decided to record a video of me chaining so you can see exactly how the pokeradar chain thing works. When I started searching about the pokeradar in pokemon diamond and pearl, I found...

    Gaming FIRST VIDEO PROOF! Shiny patch in Pokemon X and Y (Pokeradar)

    Hey, Finally I caught the shiny patch in Pokemon X and Y with the Pokeradar! now you can see by yourself how the shiny patch looks like in Pokemon X and Y. * I'm using the same method as Pokemon Pt/D/P Pokeradar method. My FC : 2879 0923 0467 Write your FC to add you ;)

    Hacking Playing other nintendo games on the gamepad??

    Hey all .. Is there any way or hope to play gamecube or N64 games on the gamepad? I have been dreaming all my life to have these games on portable device Thanks in advance ..
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