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    Hakchi Snes Classic Multiplayer Not Working

    Just what the title says and before you ask yes I checked 2p on hakchi and no it is not a hardware issue as it works on default games. Any help would be great ;)
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    Hacking TWL Flash Cart Launcher Help

    I need help getting TWL flash cart launcher to work. Whenever it loads it is just a white top screen and a menu on the bottom with no text.
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    Hacking How to patch TWL_FIRM on A9LH?

    Can someone explain to me how you would go about patching TWL_FIRM so I can use dsiware on AuReiNand?
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    Homebrew Creating Game Shortcuts In Homebrew Menu With HANS?

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to create a shortcut for my vc and digital 3ds games in the homebrew menu.
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    Homebrew HANS for online play?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use HANS to spoof the firmware on a 3ds to enable online play? If so a tutorial of some kind would be nice.
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    Hacking Installing Retail Game As CIA (Question)

    I have ninjhax 2.0 and was wondering if there is anyway to install my game cartridges onto my 3ds as CIA.
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