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    Homebrew ColdBoot Haxchi user accidentally updated PAL Wii U to 5.5.4 (cannot access homebrew menu).

    I have read a few threads about this situation before but I accidentally updated mine due to having a newer internet router and forgetting to block DNS to stop official updates. Right now: It's on 5.5.4E, the DO NOT TOUCH functions like a haxchi loader and the Wii U Homebrew app goes to black...
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    Gaming Mega Man Powered Up / ロックマンロックマン JP Official Promo stage help

    I am going to record all of the official promo DLC stages* of Mega Man Powered Up (in Japanese). I got 31 deathless runs recorded thanks to Rockman Perfect Memories. The problem with that site is that they don't have all of the levels. As it's lacking certain Mania 2 stages for 4 out of the 8...
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    Hardware Pokémon Sun/Moon pre-installed 2DS bundle announced for Europe

    Very likely to be be in firmware 11.0+ just like the upcoming Yokai Watch EU 2DS bundle coming out this October. Release date 23/11/16 Source: 3m25
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