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    Hacking [Discussion] PS4 7.02 Exploit Success Rate and Discussion

    great host. I'm using it and it's much faster than
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    Hacking Remote Package Installer - Incomplete Game Sizes (7.02)

    I think this actually did. The other thing that I did was that I didn't dared go to the PS4 dashboard while the game was being transferred and installed on the PS4; I left the Remote Package Installer opened and focused the entire time. The game works 100% now. Hopefully it will work for others...
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    Hacking Remote Package Installer - Incomplete Game Sizes (7.02)

    Hello I am trying to transfer PKGs from my PC onto my PS4 (7.02 HEN) using the Remote Package Installer, but from the PKGs that I have tried, which range from 60GB to 80GB, only ~20GB seems to transfer at most. For example, I start a transfer on my PC using the PS4 Package Sender 1.2 software...
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    Hacking PS3 3.55 buying guide

    I bought a OFW 3.55 80GB PS3 Slim from ebay for $130 USD a few months ago. I installed 4.81 rebug on it without any problems. So, just lurk on ebay until you find a reasonably priced 3.55 PS3
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    Hacking PS4 4.5x Pwned

    pingu at it again
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    Hacking I'm on firmware 3.11, recommendations?

    i'd continue waiting because there has been some recent breakthrough, however, don't expect anything soon yet
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    Hacking Has anyone tried to capture video on CFW without a capture card?

    I'm reading some excerpts about webman being able to capture video but there are mixed responses about it working or not.
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    Hacking PS3 OFW backup loading on 4.7X! No ODE/IDPS

    This exploit is worthless. Even if you get it to work, it's only compatible with 2 or 3 games like Crysis 2. Just buy yourself a $80 CFW PS3 from ebay and save yourself the headache
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    Hacking PS4 gets kernel level access on FW 4.06

    Hopefully this actually goes somewhere instead with that bullshit linux installation from a year ago
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    Hacking PS3 OFW backup loading on 4.7X! No ODE/IDPS

    agreed. I'm still waiting for confirmation from someone that isn't Russian and can post better instructions
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    Hacking PS3 OFW backup loading on 4.7X! No ODE/IDPS

    still waiting on confirmation that this exploit actually works
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