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    Hacking Question Trying to update atmosphere resulted in black screen

    This might be just the case of the wrong files somewhere. So I have a unpatched switch that I believe it's on FW 9.0 or older. Played with it almost 6 months ago. Now I tried to update Atmosphere and Hekate so I can update it's firmware. The deal is, I can inject the payload but the screen...
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    Hacking Help getting P.T. and save games out of my PS4 5.05

    I'll try to make this story as short as possible: I have a PS4 on FW 5.05. Before hacking this console I had a PSN account with P.T. and Resogun (both acquired from PSN). Later hacked this console but used a dummy User1 account without PSN login. Now I got a PS4 Pro. I have one other...
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    Emulation How to make games compatible with Cemu without WiiU USB Helper?

    I have a bunch of games that I previously got from wii u usb helper before all this situation of remote access and some other problems. Those games as far as I understand are encrypted and you need the keys from THAT site. So if I have the keys and the games, how can I make those CEMU ready...
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    Hacking Bricked Wii with Priiloader?

    Hi, I just got another Wii on 4.3 that the preview owner installed the homebrew channel and that's it. I have no idea what method he used. So I wanted to autoboot directly into the USB Loader GX and took the SD Card from my 4.2 Wii. Put it into the 4.3 wii. Opened homebrew launcher...
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    Hacking UHD BD on Xbox One S/X?

    I see some people have your consoles in dev mode that can install different apps. I don't so I can't test it. So I'm wondering, now we already have UHD BD full disc dumps online with DRM stripped. Would be possible to run those directly on the Xbox One S or X? Is there a Kodi port yet for...
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    Hacking How to update rednand to 5.5.2

    I'll post this in case anyone else likes rednand. The reason I enjoy it is because it's safe and I can have 2 separate firmware for my WiiU. Why this tutorial? Because if you are on rednand and try to update using the system menu it will fail giving you error 162-4023. You will need: 1. Mocha...
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    Hacking [Request] 5.5.1 MP4 Exploit file

    Ok, I did a search using google on gbatemp and despite people claiming this work and threads giving full logs of how to compile this on python I wasn't able to find it. Could someone, please, share the exploit mp4 file for 5.5.1? I have a router with OpenWRT and it's pretty simple to just put...
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    Hacking Extracting Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze OST

    Before any smartass attack happens in this thread: Yes, I know Creddiar worked on this. No info on how he did it was given. His site is all broken and most of the files can't be retrived. Now since this is out of the way. When examing the DK TF decrypted and extracted files from a Loadiine...
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    Hacking Did it brick?

    I have an old 3DS which was on 4.X. I was following this guide And during the final step, the installation of the update the 3DS went black screen and I've listened a small click. I've waited more or less 5 minutes and since...
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    Hacking It's 2016.. can we play DSiWare?

    Friends, I've been getting different answers for this. I got a DSi with the latest firmware and I'm using the 3ds blue catridge which is a R4i to play games. I've got the .nds file from no-intro romset for legend of zelda four swords anniversary but when it gets lanched it hangs at a white...
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    Hardware Problems with Wiikey 2

    Hi there guys this is my first post here. I got a nintendo wii with the wiikey 2 and I've softmodded it to see if the problem would go away I've upgraded to 4.1U. But even with the softmod and the wiikey 2 some games like: super mario galaxy and castlevania judgment openning just sux. It gets...
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