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    Hardware Getting my RGH falcon repaired?

    So I was going to contact the guy who sold me the console about getting it repaired, but apparently xbox-scene went to shit so I have no way to talk to him now. The problem is my console would sometimes freeze ingame. Like the video would freeze and sometimes the audio/background music is...
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    So Gangnam style finally hit a billion.

    1,004,480,502 views right now. With a little gangnam style gif next to the view count. In just over 5 months. God damn.
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    Hacking Been out of the scene for a while, help?

    Ok, so I haven't really looked at any 360 hacking stuff in around 4 years or so, and I recently saw videos about JTAG and RGH and freestyle dash and got interested again. The problem is, even after doing some research, I'm not sure where to start. Looking at DinohScene's sticky, I have a stock...
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    Rob webb?

    I read back and saw a couple topics where somebody mentioned him. has anyone ever bought from this guy? I was thinking of maybe buying a chipped saturn from him.
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