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  1. zbw2000

    GCN Did I get a dead laser out the box?

    I recently pulled my GameCube out of storage to try and put some life back into it before eventually getting a dol-001 to mod. It was having trouble reading discs last time I used it and I knew sitting wasn’t going to make it better. When first hooked up it didn’t even detect any discs at first...
  2. zbw2000

    Hacking [HELP NEEDED] Problems with DSiWare downgrade

    I bought a black Friday New 3DS and was following the guide on how to downgrade it with the DSiWare downgrade and everything had been going well up until section V were I need to use system transfer. The source system I'm using is an o3DS with an 11.2 luma emuNAND on it. When I open system...
  3. zbw2000

    Homebrew is the youtube app exploitable?

    Now before you jump straight to the replies and tell me how it has been looked into before and cant be done, don't, I know all about those threads and how they all ended in there being no exploit. What I haven't seen though is what i'm about to talk about. So here it is. If you use the youtube...
  4. zbw2000

    Hacking Looking for someone who can make me a Miiverse dump

    The title basically says what I want. Someone with a gateway who can make me a dump of the 3ds Miiverse app. If anyone can help out that be great! thanks
  5. zbw2000

    ROM Hack could a generic ram dumper be possible?

    There has been a lot of work done in things like the acnl or Pokemon ram dumping tools via the spider exploit, but those only dump specific parts of the ram based on the game being used. Meaning that each game would need a different ram dumper. I was wondering if it would be possible to make...
  6. zbw2000

    ROM Hack [REQUEST] Pilotwings Resort Free Flight Clock Modifier

    Basically what I want is a hack that will max out the timer in free flight mode. From my understanding of how this could be done, and i don't have much of an understanding, couldn't a hacker who knows what there doing use the spider exploit to modify the time value stored in the ram? Then once...
  7. zbw2000

    ROM Hack Extracting Games From the SD

    So I know that things like gateway can extract roms and then with the right pc software you can look into them but what about the games on the SD card downloaded from the eshop? I know that the game will only work on the system it was downloaded to but it has to go onto the sd card somewhere...
  8. zbw2000

    Homebrew Getting on the E-shop with an old System version

    Just a quick note before I begin typing, I have almost no idea how the spider exploit works or how the e-shop checks the system version so what i'm thinking may not even be possible. Anyway hare its what I i was thinking could be done. Would it be possible to inject a false system version into...
  9. zbw2000

    Homebrew Need Help finding A 9.0/9.1/9.2 3DS Game

    So i'm thinking about buying a used 3DS to use things like gateway and ninjhax but while I was looking for one online it was a lot easier to fine 3DS's with a system version grater that 5.0.0 than one with less than 4.5.0. Basically what i want to know is what games come with a 9.0, 9.1, or...
  10. zbw2000

    Homebrew Question About RegionThree

    Does anyone out there know if I put a dsi enhanced game in the 3ds, like a japanese pokemon black 2, will it work on a NA 3ds? I would test it out myself but i dont have any japanese/european dsi games.
  11. zbw2000

    Homebrew Could The Homebrew Launcher Be Injected?

    I think this was answered somewhere else before but i cant seem to find it. Anyway would it be possible? The launcher itself is small enough and once it is injected there is full access to the SD card. It also has nothing to do with ninjhax so it sould work on 9.5. Has anyone who is good with...
  12. zbw2000

    Homebrew what is the 3ds spider injections capable of?

    There has been alot going in in the past few months with the 3ds involving injecting stuff with the web browser. The problem is though is that it's kind of spread out across the fourms and can be hard to find. So I am starting this thread to try and gather it all together in one place. Also...
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