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  1. Unchi-san

    Gaming Any news on the new Jasper chips?

    I know that the new Jasper chips are suppose to come out in August... but I was wondering if anyone has found any info regarding this? I have been reading on other forums and nobody has said anything concrete.
  2. Unchi-san

    Hacking 2 Kingston 2gb microsd cards for 15.99 choose in-store pickup to save on shipping. So it will be 15.99 + tax for 2 kingston 2gb microsd cards. I have not purchased this myself, but the thread creator at fatwallet said these cards are MiJ (made in Japan) and that every microsd card that comes...
  3. Unchi-san

    Good multiplayer dreamcast games?

    can anyone recommend some good games to play w/ the gf? i recently got a DC (I really wanted to play typing of the dead), so I was curious... any help would be great!
  4. Unchi-san

    Hacking kingston 4gb microsdhc $15.99 shipped at

    They have a pretty slick deal at today for the kingston 4gb microsdhc class 4 card. Its $15.99 shipped. If you are a first time user of google checkout, it becomes $5.99 shipped.
  5. Unchi-san

    Dreamcast Utopia boot disk

    I lost my Utopia boot disk (which I made like 6 years ago.....). Does anyone have a site where it shows how to burn it/get it working? I remember it wasn't as easy as drag/drop? Thanks....
  6. Unchi-san

    Hacking Any slot-2 devices that don't use SRAM battery?

    I'm wondering if theres any slot-2 devices that don't use an SRAM battery for saving? I would ideally like to purchase something that you don't have to change the battery out every couple of years.... Thanks!
  7. Unchi-san

    Where's Nero?

    When I first joined gbatemp... Nero helped me out w/ alot of questions I had about ds pirating. He was an extremely helpful member. What happened to him?!? We need more guys like him around!
  8. Unchi-san

    Hacking AK2, SC-DS1 or M3Real?

    I narrowed my next flashcard purchase to either an AK2, SC-DS1, or M3 Real. AK2 is so cheap and apparently has a great GUI, while the SC-DS1 has RTS/ingame guid, and the M3 Real is going to have sakura very soon... What do you think?!?! help! so many choices...
  9. Unchi-san

    Hacking Microsdhc reader bunbled w/ the cyclods rules!

    I haven't had any problems w/ the reader yet and it feels very sturdy. I know the DSTT and AK2 readers are suppose to be utter crap and I believe I read it caused some microsd problems. Has anyone had any problems w/ their cyclods reader? Or am I just lucky =P
  10. Unchi-san

    Hacking custom loaders on the DS-One

    I recall there being custom loaders on the DS-One? Is that true?
  11. Unchi-san

    Hacking For anyone who lives in the US and lookin to get a SC-DS1.... currently is selling SC-DS1 + kingston 2gb MiJ + free hori screen protector for 46$ w/ free shipping within the US! Even with deal extreme prices (33.50 + 12.50), it is the same-ish price! And you get a free screen protector on top of that. i am thinking about getting one of...
  12. Unchi-san

    Hacking price drop again AK2 on DX

    went down around $1.50 to $23.46. The N5 also went down to the same price (but i wouldn't recommend it). seems like w/ these price drops, we might see more and more flashcarts that might be sub-20$.
  13. Unchi-san

    Homebrew jEnesisDS 0.7 question

    i know there is vertical scaling that can be toggled on/off in jEnesisDS 0.7... but is there a horizontal scaling? I noticed every game I've played so far it is too horizontally stretched out and some parts get cut off on the side of the screen. if theres a way to fix this can someone help...
  14. Unchi-san

    Hacking Kingston 2gb microsd 7.50$ w/ free shipping

    kingston 2gb microsd is 7.50 w/ free shipping at it is 12.50 w/ free shipping, but use coupon code $5off$10 and it comes out to 7.50. some states might not have tax so this is the shipped price. Mine is CA so it was $8.11 shipped. Beware: It is not stated whether or not it...
  15. Unchi-san

    Hacking How to change SRAM battery out of EZ 3 in 1?

    I was wondering how to change the SRAM battery in the 3 in 1? I know the battery will die sooner or later, which wont let me play gba roms anymore.. thanks! also, which battery is best?
  16. Unchi-san

    Hacking Do you have One flashcart or Multiple flashcarts?

    When I got my R4 a while back, I told myself I wouldn't get another flashcart because I felt it was pointless. The main purpose of the flashcart is to play games.... But now that I have bought a Cyclods recently, I feel like I want more flashcarts just to play around w/ them. I like having...
  17. Unchi-san

    Hacking Acekard 2 vs cyclods

    is there any reason (other than the ridiculously cheap 25$ price tag) to prefer a acekard 2 in comparison to a cyclods?
  18. Unchi-san

    Hacking RTS freezing problems

    I have firmware 1.31 and sometimes when I RTS my characters don't move anymore.... is 1.31 unstable in terms of RTS? Is the beta version more stable? Thanks
  19. Unchi-san

    Hacking What microsd or microsdhc are YOU using in your SC-DS1?

    I was going to purchase one and wanted to see what everyone was using (and how satisfied they are w/ it) Thanks!
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