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  1. momodora

    Has anyone extracted the 360 emulator 'Frisson' or the original xbox emulator microsoft are using for backwards compatibility?

    I've seen from the datamines that the internal name for microsofts 360 emulator is called Frisson, used to run 360 games on Series X systems. Anyone working on removing it or using it to play non-approved games? There's something like 1400 other games not available in the official backwards...
  2. momodora

    Hacking Is there a way to mass backup game updates? i.e. download en masse hundreds of disc game updates?

    So PS4 physical games have become extremely cheap and I've been scooping them up, I've noticed that there's a lot of updates for these games, and while playable on V1.0, I'd like to archive the update files for preservation purposes. Many of these updates are only 1GB, and sure some do range...
  3. momodora

    Homebrew How to enable 240p mode in Not64 for the Wii!

    Took me a while to figure out as this isn't documented anywhere really... what you need to do is go into your SD card, and into /Not64/settings.cfg If the settings.cfg file doesn't exist, create it. Then in the file open in notepad++ or whatever text editor you want and enter: VideoMode = 3...
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