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    Hacking FTP using ESP8266

    I am on a 5.05 PS4 Pro using a ESP8266 with c0d3m4st3rs bin firmware v2.5. How do I go about FTP'ing into the PS4 if it's on a separate SSID? Do I connect a LAN cable and FTP that way?
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    Hacking App.db and Save data

    I recently downloaded some game pkgs, but ran into an issue on my PS4 Pro. I used the DNS exploit method by aziz to install hen, FTP, and update blocker. Then I went in and backed up the two files app.db and appcont.db to my pc. I found a save data folder and backed it up as well. I had...
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    Hacking Creating a NNID

    I have a N3DSXL on 9.0U firmware. The sysnand is unlinked and everything is setup using Cakes CFW. Recently I read about the IronFall 1.0 hax by smealum and I decided I'd like to download that game as a backup entry point. However, I can't seem to figure out how to create a NNID now. My 3DS...
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