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    Hacking Problems playing Other M from a DVD

    Sorry to be the billionth person to ask for help regarding this game but I thought maybe someone would be generous enough to give advice. The wii in question is softmodded with cios 249rev19, the firmware version is 4.1U. Neogamma spits out an "error 1255" while gecko OS simply says there is no...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - What needs to be done to load imports?

    I've tried loading 2 different PAL games on my NTSC wii. The correct settings for me would be force NTSC on and Vidtv patch on, right? Does the loader just simply not load imports? Thanks. edit: to clarify, the screen goes green and the Wii freezes.
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    Hacking USB Loader - Pikmin 1 Wii Reading fom disc error

    Immediately after finishing a day, my Wii jumped to the "Reading from disc" screen. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix? I'm using the most current USB loader. Thanks!
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    Help with a math problem?

    I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help?
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    Lol, Pokemon.
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    I have seen the future of GBATemp!

    I've had a dream... and it has shown me the future of this community. Think virtual reality forums. It was pretty sweet.
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    NOOOO! A blizzard?! Now?!

    My town just got hit with a huge blizzard and I probably won't be able to leave the house tomorrow because we've got like a foot in a half of snow in our driveway, and tonight there's supposed to be a ton of wind. I WANT BRAWL!
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    World of Warcraft Legend, SYF THE GIVER Goes Outside!
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    Play-Asia 5 dollar off coupon

    I posted this on a smaller forum but no one replied. It's possible someone used it, but since no one replied I'll assume no one did and see if someone here can make good use of it. Minimum purchase of $50, expires Apr 10, 2008. Whoever uses it first gets it. Have fun, hopefully someone can use...
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    Gaming Gyukaten Saiban Has No Future?

    Is this a rumor or is Capcom seriously not gonna do another one due to its low sales? If this is true I'm gonna go out and buy every game in the series as soon as possible :'( edit: Well, actually, I'm going to do that either way.
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    Hacking Scrambled or Unscrambled?

    Hello, pretty new to the wii hacking scene. When a Wii game is released, is it normally already unscrambled or is it scrambled?
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    Happy Birthday BoneMonkey!

    I mean BoneMonkey day. I mean BoneMonkey week.
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    Nocturnal Thread

    I never sleep. Do you?
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    GBATemp Traffic

    HrrmHrmmHrmmm... Here GBATemp is booming
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    Looks Beautiful
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    Who's here from Ohio?

    Inspired by Chuckstudios' thread about mthrnite - who here is from Ohio?
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    Posting SWFs on GBATemp

    What's the tag I need to use to post an swf file on these boards?
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