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    Hacking Update de O3DS from 8.1E to 9.2 E for menuhax?

    Hey men! I'm trying to setup menuhax, but I need the last version of Ninjhax, and it does not works on 8.1 FW. Can you please tell me what is the safest way to update my sysnand to 9.2? I have CN. Thank you!!
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    Hacking [Help] O3DS CFW

    Hello guys, I would like to know how to update m O3DS, sysnand 8.1.0-18E. I already have an Emunand, wich is version 9.8.0-25E. I think it's an old RXTool build that I have.. I want to update it to latest version, but I don't really know how to do it as it's a while I've done it and I'm lost...
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    Homebrew Unity released for 3DS and N3DS! released yesterday. Let's see what kind of game it can bring to this device.
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    Homebrew [Questions] load nds files from SD card on CFW?

    Hello everyone. I know that this question was asked a lot of time, but I never found a satisfying answer. I know that cheap card are availaible for it, but what about a direct access from the Emunand with a CFW? My exact question is: Is this really possible, and if yes, someone that already...
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    Hacking GW 3.4.1 is out!

    GATEWAY ULTRA 3.4.1 Posted on September 16, 2015 And we are back! Today we present Gateway ULTRA 3.4.1: another quick emunand update for Old 3DS! This release will bring back support for latest 10.1 emunand system firmware for Old 3DS. We hit an issue regarding converting existing cheat...
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    ROM Hack [Request] Pokemon Omega Rubis Save

    Hello, I'm looking for a Pokemon Omega Rubis save. I've lost everything due to a format, so I would like to get a save.. Like that I'll not have to redo all the game.. Somebody can help me with it? Thank you guys!
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    Hacking [Help] O3DS 8.1 and GW? What are the options?

    Guys I need your help, with the title. - I know I can downgrade it for GW and I'll loose all my saves - I know I can get the online activation but it'll stay in 8.1 Something i missed? Bonus question: I'll be able to transfer my retail save of MH4U from retail to a .cia version on emunand...
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    Hacking About Save on O3DS with GW?

    Hi guys. So I have a O3DS and I want to do backups of my retails games. Ofc I played 'a lot) on them and I wanted to know if: - my saves will be gone after gowngrading my O3DS with GW? Or basically what will be gone? - I'll be able to transfer the saves from the original games to the backup? -...
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    ROM Hack [Request] Dragon Quest Monsters JPN trad

    Hi guys, Do you know if the 2 games Dragon Quest Monsters 1 a,d 2 are available in english? And if no, I suggest those 2 games to be done, because I think that they deserve it. :) I can make a trad of it from Eng to french. See ya! ;)
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    ROM Hack [Offering help trad. ENG-FR] For 3DS games

    Hi, men. I have free time right now and I want to be involved in a project to translate 3ds game(s) from Eng to FR. I don't have any knowledge in rom hacking or stuff, and 0 interest in it. But I'm REALLY motivated to push a good traduction in french from an English game. You can of course...
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