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  1. WII_GUY

    Hardware RGH Slim not detecting USB

    Recently, I've been having some problems with my modded 360 and an external HDD. The console just doesn't show it anywhere apart from Xell, which mounts it fine. Yes, it is formatted FAT32, yes I have cleared caches, yes I have tried all the USB ports. I'm out of ideas, so came here to ask you...
  2. WII_GUY

    PS1/2 PS1 Castlevania SotN Russian version?

    Hi my fellow forum visitors, I just found a version of the game thats in russian. Have not found anything on the internet apart from .iso rips of it. Does anyone know anything about it that could help? It does not have a black back like normal ps1 discs do, but does have a picture on the front...
  3. WII_GUY

    Hardware Steam Link not booting

    Hello, I have a problem with my new Link, it doesn't want to boot. I have tried connecting keyboards, mice, even gamepads, but no luck so far. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. WII_GUY

    Hardware 360 Fat RROD Possible?

    Hi, So I recently bought an old Xbox 360, old fat one, and while it came with the power cable, when I turn it on, the whole ring is red (all four sides), and as I learned, it means insufficient video output(or no cable). This is true, since I dont have an AV cable, I thought is it possible to...
  5. WII_GUY

    Hacking CFW Transfer

    Hello I am here with another problem. I have a 16GB memory card which has 6.61 PRO-C and some games installed. I don't know whether the firmware is temporary or permanent. I am not a professional since I just joined the homebrew scene of the PSP. So now I bought an 8GB card which will have...
  6. WII_GUY

    Hardware Front USB not working properly

    Hello, So today I got my new fan controller, plugged it in (not sure if right) and fired up the computer. The fan controller part doesn't work, or works by changing fan speed by less than 50RPM (can't feel the difference), and every USB I plug in is not recognized by Windows. The link below is...
  7. WII_GUY

    Hardware SLI problem

    Basically, I want to ask if I have two GTX 560 cards, but one is Asus, and the other one EVGA. Can I use SLI with them?
  8. WII_GUY

    Instagram feed not loading since last week

    Hi there, I have been searching for the solution all over the internet, but can't find it. Basically, when i go to on my PC, it won't load, same with my phone, but I do not have an app, I just go on chrome and then the website. I have pinged the site, and it is unusually high...
  9. WII_GUY

    Hardware Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 + FX6300 won't boot first time

    Hi there, Title pretty much says it all, so I built a new computer and it doesn't boot. There is a speaker attached to the mobo, but it does not beep at any time, and before You ask, yes, it has been correctly installed. I have performed CMOS Jumper thingy, still no results. Have checked video...
  10. WII_GUY

    Hardware Samsung NP-R20 very dim screen

    Hello! I have a laptop, which has a screen that is almost so dim that you cant see it. I ordered an inverter from Ebay, and it was supposed to work, but didn't. I have tried Fn+F5 and Fn+Up/Down arrow keys. None of them worked. Any help?
  11. WII_GUY

    Hardware Custom build

    Hi, I am looking for a new custom PC, It should be black/red build because of my mouse and mousepad XD. Budget is £400, and it should run Fallout 3 @ 60fps. Portal 2 Ultra 50fps average. 4 cores is a must have for this one, and 16GB of RAM, at least 1600mhz. Thanks in advance, WII_GUY
  12. WII_GUY

    Gaming HELP I need a keyboard...

    Hey, I was looking for a new keyboard, it should be black, RGB backlit and mechanical. Budget is £40, please help me find a keyboard. Cheers
  13. WII_GUY

    Hacking **HELP PLEASE** Wad Manager USB Problem

    Hello there, I just got my Wii working again, and I want to install some .wad files. My PC does not have SD slot, so I went for USB. Copy-Pasted the files to a folder on the root of the drive, and plugged it in. Launched Wad Manager Channel that I've had for ages, and it has always worked. I...
  14. WII_GUY

    Hardware Gaming Set

    Hello! I was just going to get a new pc, and I looked for gaming setups. Must-be´s:white color, cheap. If someone new to gaming would like to build their own setup, Id be happy to help. But here is mine, if someone found better or cheaper ones, please reply. Keyboard...
  15. WII_GUY

    Gaming Gaming on IMac?

    I was just going to buy an IMac. Specs below: Intel Core2Duo 2.66 GHz 320 GB Hard Drive 20 inch display with 1920x1280 resolution Graphics Card was good I dont remember sorry 2 GB RAM Can I play such games as CS:GO, LoL and NFSW with med graphics and no-lag? Please respond ASAP
  16. WII_GUY

    PS1/2 PS1 Problem

    Hi! My house got hit by lightning and now my Playstation 1 doesnt work. It turns on, but no picture. Cables are all ok. Please help ASAP Thanks
  17. WII_GUY

    Hardware Laptop not charging

    Samsung R20 laptop doesnt want to charge. Specs:2Ghz Intel Pentium 14.1 inch screen ATI Radeon something Battery Icon at the bottom of the screen says:6% available(plugged in not charging) help please?
  18. WII_GUY

    Hacking Shopping Channel Problem

    Hi! I have a little problem again... I wanted to download YouTube and Netflix to my Wii, then I noticed that there is an error. I tried changing country to UK and Germany. Nothing works. If anyone knows smthing about, please respond
  19. WII_GUY

    Hacking WiiConnect24 and Wii Shop Channel service is not currently being offered

    Hi! I got some problems with WiiConnect24. Can You help me? Priiloader hacks all off, Country set to UK(tried with Germany, couldnt find Canada or USA) Cant access shop channel. Any help?
  20. WII_GUY

    Hacking Wii Black Screen [Priiloader working]

    Hi! As the title says i cant access wii system menu. I have priiloader 0.7 and BootMII as IOS Can anyone help me? (I have no gc controller) How can I move in priiloader without gc controller? How to boot directly to hbc? I have a european wii 4.3 softmodded. Installed Priiloader 0.7...
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