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    Hacking RELEASE Lockpick_RCM payload - Official Thread

    I'm having the same issue as the guy in the most recent release thread. On firmware 9.1.0, sending the payload directly or through Hekate causes an indefinite black screen. I'm available on discord to debug if needed Thanks for all your work. EDIT: Formatting my SD card with TegraExplorer...
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    Hacking Problems playing Other M from a DVD

    I actually haven't tried smash brothers. I'll give that a shot tomorrow. Thanks.
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    Hacking Problems playing Other M from a DVD

    Sorry to be the billionth person to ask for help regarding this game but I thought maybe someone would be generous enough to give advice. The wii in question is softmodded with cios 249rev19, the firmware version is 4.1U. Neogamma spits out an "error 1255" while gecko OS simply says there is no...
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    Hacking FFVII on WII! :)

    Wait for a better release.
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    Hacking WBFS File System/File Manager oddity...

    Well, the reason the ISOs went from 77GB to 75GB is because the program that transferred the ISOs trimmed off garbage data to decrease filesize. The extremely small size being reported is probably just a program error.
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    Hacking Cover Flow USB ISO Loader by Beardface

    I'm getting a code dump while the game is loading (the loading bar gets about halfway through).
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - What needs to be done to load imports?

    Pikmin NPC and Pangya (Super Swing Golf) Both PAL. I eventually got both to run, but they run in black and white.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - What needs to be done to load imports?

    And if those don't work, that means I can't play the game?
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - What needs to be done to load imports?

    I've tried loading 2 different PAL games on my NTSC wii. The correct settings for me would be force NTSC on and Vidtv patch on, right? Does the loader just simply not load imports? Thanks. edit: to clarify, the screen goes green and the Wii freezes.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX help

    Try unplugging the power to the harddrive, then when it does the drive check "30 second countdown", plug it in.
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    Hacking What did I do to my flash drive..?

    Yeah. Windows shouldn't have recognized the drive at all.
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    Hacking USB Loader - Pikmin 1 Wii Reading fom disc error

    Alright - that would make sense, since that's the game I'ved played the longest with the loader. Thanks!
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    Hacking USB Loader - Pikmin 1 Wii Reading fom disc error

    Immediately after finishing a day, my Wii jumped to the "Reading from disc" screen. Is this a known issue, and is there a fix? I'm using the most current USB loader. Thanks!
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    You guys are boring

    Don't feed the troll.
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    Hacking Backup Launcher by Wiigator

    It's the v0.2 loader, made into a channel. Simple as that.
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    List of the best Rom hacks!!!

    Lol, add Cokemon.
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    Taking a DS w/TopToy on an Airplane?

    Lol you're dumb.
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    haaahaa Oh my god this app is awesome.
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    GBAtemp Quiz #2 open!

    I reinstalled Doom just to reassure myself for the Doom question. Good luck all, long live GBATemp!
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    Gaming Torrents?

    Wow. What an ignorant idiot. Torrents are not illegal... or is HTTP illegal now because you can transfer illegal files with it, too? On topic - You'll need a torrent client like Azureus or Utorrent to actually retrieve the file. The .torrent file is simply a file that instructs your client what...
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