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    REQUEST : Mario Kart 7 (Citra or Not) game save with golden steering wheel obtained

    Hello there, had anybody got any game save from MK7 with the golden steering wheel obtained ? it will be my little cousin's birthday and i promised him to get one... (Citra or not)
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    ROM Hack [Request] Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled 101% Save With All Unlockables

    do you play it on Yuzu or on your own Switch ?
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    Misc GTI Club DLC cars

    every car is playable in Teknoparrot version of GTI Club (thanks to a cheat code) (except for Jeannot's R5...)
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    Misc GTI Club DLC cars

    so ? did you get them ?
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    Misc GTI Club DLC cars

    me too... that's Jeannot's...
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    Misc GTI Club DLC cars

    thanks for the reply (I already tried Wiimifi but that doesn't work...)
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    Misc GTI Club DLC cars

    Hi there, i just heard that there was dlc cars on GTI Club : Supermini Festa on Wii and PSP... is there any way to have it now that we can't play online anymore since 2014 ?
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    Gaming [REQUEST] GTI Club: Supermini Fiesta! Save files or cheat codes

    Paxrisen just uploaded a video about his save file on PPSSPP for this game...(it was also released in PSP)...
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