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  1. cdoty

    Retro Fighters N64 controller.

    I just got an e-mail announcing the Kickstarter of the Retro Fighters N64 controller.
  2. cdoty

    Hacking Looking for r4istrap

    Does anyone know where to find r4istrap? The ( link doesn't work.
  3. cdoty

    Hardware Vita TV at E3?

    With the recent PS4 remote play announcement, I wonder if Sony is preparing for a US/EU launch? Not to mention, Playstation Mobile will support the Vita TV this summer.
  4. cdoty

    Worm Warrior Gemei A330

    I got my Worm Warrior game running on the Gemei A330. The current version runs a little slow, and will occasionally crash when pressing start on the title screen. The game was ported using Harteex's Dingoo SDK ( and the SDL port...
  5. cdoty

    Hacking New PSP Homebrew

    I've released a port of my Worm Warrior game to the PSP:Worm Warrior PSP It will run on a PSP with either official or custom firmware, as it was patched with PSPcrypt.
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