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  1. Gremelia

    Harvest Moon Game Opinions

    Hey so I recently debated going back to play Harvest Moon but when I think about it I also think of some of the annoying stuff to it. So I was wondering which Harvest Moon Games have you all played or beat and what was your opinion on: Gameplay Graphics Story Characters Features And Overall...
  2. Gremelia

    Video Game Talk: What is Your Opinion on The Romance and Marriage Concept in Video Games?

    I've been wondering this for a while but for certain games that offer you to engage in a romance or in general befriend characters/partners- I've always wondered what peoples' opinion on this are. For example like in Mass Effect Dragon Age and FE Awakening and Fates, the Fable Games, Harvest...
  3. Gremelia

    New Here. Wanna talk about Games' Stories and Characters

    Hey I'm new here and have been looking for some people to talk about video games, their stories, characters and the like with others. I've recently been slowly getting into Fire Emblem and had the unfortunate opportunity of playing Fates. It left such a bad taste in my mouth so I want to hear...
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