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    Downloaded Illustrator 3 Days ago

    I don't know Illustrator read some small tutorials Don't know art, don't know photoshop But I got a Macboook maybe that helped me What do you think I'm proud Oh and if you don't see it, it's a bird
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    Hacking Broke my NDS

    I was trying to install a DS Case, I opened the back unclicked those ribbon cables But Actually I didn´t dare to go any further so I put everything back nicely and... I get a white screen and it goes off Then I tried all kinds of things and now It stayed on and I could hear the DS bootup Sound...
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    Hacking Tux NDS Trimmer (NDS Trimmer for Linux)

    I just created a NDS Trimmer for Linux It comes with a user friendly GUI I made this program because I could not find a NDS Trimmer with a GUI And I hate using terminal to do the job Download: Gbatemp Direct link(Limited Bandwith)...
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    Good old times

    Miss 'm
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    Hardware Wii-Clip with built-in Chip

    A Wii-clip version with built in chip just got released, it's really nice I wish this existed before I let my wii get chipped for 80 Euro This device is amazing, you just have to connect it to you pc and flash it with the firmware you want Then just plug it in the wii and play, it's a wonderful...
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    Hacking WiiWare Titles being released?

    I just looked at Usenet and found Not Scene [XXX]-[[email protected]] [0/2] - "WiiWare REGION FREE Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King WAD.nzb" yEnc And Not Scene [XXX]-[[email protected]] [0/2] - "WiiWare REGION FREE Dr. Mario & Virus Buster WiiWare WAD.nzb" yEnc There both...
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    Hacking R4DS Being produced again

    R4DS is back in stock at Volumerate What a Surprise I thought they died, but it seems the R4 Team started producing it again
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    Like my new Avater

    Well do you? Took my about 10 min to make(Which I think is long)
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    Hacking Making a WAD Installer ISO

    I made a small tutorial how to make a WAD Installer ISO, which works with the SD Card, so you only need to burn it ones and only have to replace the Wad file on the SD Card There is no TP Hack required it will work immediately What do you need: -A Modchip -Wad Installer DOL...
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    Hardware My Result Pi Po test is it bad or good?

    So is it good or bad?
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    Like my new avater?

    So, does anyone like my new 2min work avater
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    Hacking Beware for N5, It can Kill your DS

    There have been reports of N5 Killing DS's not just one but more people are telling this now This is not good and I advice retailers to remove the N5 from there catalog
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    Gaming Installing Customer Firmware questions

    1A friend of my got a White PSP he has updated to Firmware 3.90(Even that I told him not to) Is it still possible to install custom firmware, I know pandora is possible but I don't have it and can't make it(Have no PSP) 2Also another question I maybe want to buy a PSP Slim would it be possible...
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    Hacking Weird, Bully Contains GTA3 Template file

    I found this file It says Generated By MultiEdit V1.3 On 14/09/2002 22:46:02 [] MultiEdit is an GTA 3 multi edit program LOL How come they use a homebrew mod app for GTA 3, in Bully¿? By the way I have checked MultiEdit, but it is hard to open this file because it asks...
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    Hardware Pleomax problems

    I got problems with Pleomax DVD-R disks Some games does work(Like Wing Island) But some games work half(Like BW2, RE4) The game loads fine, menu shows up I start a new game watch the cut scene and then it says "The Game Disc could not be read. Please read the Wii operations manual for more...
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    Hacking Freeloader available for download

    I found freeloader available for download on usenet, Can I trust that it's only 2.5MB big, there is no possible wii virus right?
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    Hacking How do I Merge AR Cheats(US + EU) in one XML File

    As the title says I want to merge US Cheats and EU Cheats in one XML file but I dunno how I was only able to have two apart but then there is no way to use both to save in to one usrcheat.dat Please help me
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    Finally, Wii Hack available

    The Twilight hack is released and available for download! You can't do much with it except of seeing it works More info + download on Update: I personally tested, it works(As expected) I have made a video ill upload on youtube soon...
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    Hacking Wii Homebrew video?! That is real? Looks somewhat real to me By the way found video on spanish forum i couldn't read
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    PS1/2 I may buy an PS3 for Bluray, How is the hack scene

    I may buy a PS3 as Bluray player, I want EA skate so badly and it is only for PS3 so that is nice if i get an PS3(Rob Dyrdek on a game cool!!!!) So is there any modchip or software mod that it can run Games and how? I don't have an Bluray burned so how do you use it like over a network...
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