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    Hacking Old 3DS at 4.2.0-9U + Gateway - How to be ready for Fates?

    Nice. Wouldn't mind GW autoboot. I tried following the guide included in the newest gateway firmware and it lost me talking about a theme menu (assuming 4.2 doesn't have it). No reason not to upgrade to 9.2? Not losing anything fun from 4.5? Thanks.
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    Hacking Old 3DS at 4.2.0-9U + Gateway - How to be ready for Fates?

    Hello. I've got an old 3ds still sitting on 4.2.0 + Gateway. I haven't touched the thing since probably around the time Awakening came out. I'm looking to get everything updated and be like the cool kids when Fates drops, but it seems like the scene has changed a ton since I last booted. What...
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    AKAIO v1.6 RC1

    Awesome, two white screens of fakeness. See ya new games and AKAIO 1.6 D;. Had the card for months, its not like the seller will swap out now :/.
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    Hacking USB Loader GX

    For what its worth... I just got a really annoying crash / bug. I'm running 409 with ciosrev10. I've had a setup running just fine for a few days, I go to launch boom blox bash party for the first time, and it goes black... i wait for about 2 minutes, eventually turn the system off. Now...
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    DS #3679: Mahjong Fight Club DS: Wi-Fi Taiou (v01) (Japan)

    I would murder many children to get a english translation patch for ANY of these mahjong games D;
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    What? DealWoot is evolving! *Update*

    Love the new name
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    DSi Common Key Bruteforcer

    Everyone has big ideas for an @home setup.... but anyone prepared to code it ?
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    Homebrew DSi Homebrew Channel (IDEA)

    I've got a DSi and an AK2i if more testers are needed, but I have 0 experience beyond end-user experience... Count me in for following the thread... Good to see progress is being made *Hell, I just want to get rid of the H&S screen
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    Hacking Waninkoko: special anouncement

    for what its worth, i've got a wiikey, and if a USB loader gets released, i'll swap immediately... f-ing EVERY game i burn, every media, every wii i put it in... unreliable reads / freezes :/
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    Gaming Best local multiplayer games?

    Yeah... we play a ton of EBA now... but it is complete crap, cause she has smaller hands... so on the faster levels, she can just see more of the screen ahead of time. Cheats i say.
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    Gaming Best local multiplayer games?

    Also, is there a particular gameFAQ or translation guide you guys use for Jump? I remember giving that one a shot long ago... and I'm pretty sure I hit a roadblock in the tutorial stage... cause I'm a tard.
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    Gaming Best local multiplayer games?

    Thanks distorted.... and whats the multiplayer in Mario 64? Is it all those little mini games?
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    Gaming Best local multiplayer games?

    Hey dudes, I finally got a couple of my buddies to get a DS for themselves... so we are ready to do some local multiplayer. I haven't quite managed to find a list of single/multi-cart games, any list I find is just about Wifi Connect. So... what do you guys play? We've a girl who isn't much...
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    Hardware Supercard SD questions

    Hey guys... I'm trying to pick up a gift for a friend, and I'm fairly clueless. He has an SP that I was going to get him a cart for... and it seems like you either pay 100+ dollars for an internal flash based card from some shady site, or you buy this...
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    DS #1265: Mahjong (Europe)

    Yakuman DS is the best you are gonna get for a non-moonspeak mahjong. The menus are pretty basic, and you can play "career" and "quick games" with fairly little effort. Only problem for me is the Japanese ruleset for mahjong drives me fucking crazy, and so i lose all the time D;
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    Gaming Official Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Discussion Thread

    what is the answer? I got my abra through trade from that NPU chick in the building, and hes a kaza and doesn't do crap O_x
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    Gaming Need starters, please!

    Finished my gym, so let me know if someone has the 3 starters and the time to trade/back
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    Gaming Need starters, please!

    I'm in the middle of a gym battle right now, but if anyone ends up getting all 3, id love to trade / help someone else trade em around
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    Gaming Need starters, please!

    If anyone else wants to save-ninja me a couple starters, id be down also
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    Gaming Pokemon D/P Wanted Pokemon

    Just about to clear out the first gym... then its time to swap starters with someone... but if I recall correctly, they got pokeapeshit if you trade them for the same species right?
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