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    Need a Logo and Banner?

    Nope no sort of mascot as of yet. Sounds like a good idea tho' Will certainly think of that for the future.
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    Need a Logo and Banner?

    @kev3458 Pics of basketball would be great. Im not picky. So it is up to you. @ crkdhad Nope no certain Colour scheme needed. Would like the logo to look good on paper if I was to create a letterhead out of it. Would like any text to say Newham Schools Basketball. Take a look at the current...
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    Need a Logo and Banner?

    As I know many GBATEMP members have alot of artistic talent using photoshop etc... I would like to know if anyone would create a logo and banner for the Newham Schools Basketball website/league. It must include the London Borough of Newham logo(HERE) and a basketball. If anyone could do it...
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    Hacking CycloDS UK?

    Does anybody know the best and cheapest place to order a CycloDS Evolution for/in the UK? Thanks In Advance.
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    Hacking R4 Flash

    Thanks for all your replies guys. I decided to by from the website which I found Addict Supplies, UK, and it was excellent from customer service, ordering & delivery. It only took 1 day from order to receive the item R4 Flash card and 2GB micro SD Card. Ordered on Friday 01 June and recieved...
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    Hacking R4 Flash

    I'm thinking of getting an R4 Flash card after reading reviews i think this would be the best for my DS Lite I am in the UK and I am wondering where would be the best place to buy this card from. I have seen the following website (HERE) but not sure whether i should trust it. What do you guys...
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    Official Bi-Yearly Awards Nomination Thread

    1. Member of the Year - Jumpman17 2. Artist of the Year - Ronin in Tears 3. Member's Favorite Mod - Shaunj66 4. Nicest Member of the Year - Dice 5. Most Promising Newcomer - Telvin3D 6. Funniest Poster of the Year - Dragonlord 7. Most Helpful Member of the Year - Puck the Joker 8. Game of the...
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    1467 - Digimon Racing (E)

    The logo has been changed to suit with the new digimon series in europe called digimon fronteir. That logo is from the Digimon Frontier Series.
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    Yeah, An Excellent Idea which was brung up by dice at the Member meeting. It is true they are seperate entities. So Yes it might just be what GBATemp needs.
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    New badges

    It will be nice to have new Badges but still there are many upgrades to be take on the boards which are neccessary while the badges to be put on will be put on soon enough but it is not important than the upgrades.
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    ads for easybuy

    Easybuy's Service is becoming better with every order I Take, and to date I havent had any problems with the 4 times i have ordered something from them. So I agree with the Banner but most probably like said above it won't be for long.
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    GBATemp Member Meeting #1

    I will definetly be Going.
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    GBATemp Staff Meeting

    I Know
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    GBATemp Staff Meeting

    I am so Gutted, I am no Longer a Mod. I cant believe I would get back stabbed Like this. and they are using my idea which i told shaunj66 about pruning some mod.s and Putting the others to Global.
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    Merry Christmas from GBAtemp

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone. HO HO HO I Hope everyone got what they wanted.
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    New: GBArms 2.2

    Cool!!! Good Work Costello, This Realease is Gonna be the biggest so Far! When the full version is released.
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    New: 1279 - Beyblade VForce Ultimate Blader Jam(U)

    I Feel Really Mad because the Beyblade Games In Japanese are much better because all you do is proper battles. The English One Is Easy, Boring and just plan crap. The Best game will be the Japanese Beyblade games but in like an RPG Style.
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    Artist of the Week?

    Cool Idea, I am gona be taking this up to KiVan, Supervisors and the other mods. Excellent Idea.
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    Incoming Gba Softwares

    Cool The Site is cool as well
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    New: 1141 - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (U)

    Cool Game. Like nearly all FF's are. I didn't yhink that FF will ever make its way on the gba with this much anticipation.
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