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  1. Roman_42

    Gaming Skylanders Giants Savegame?

    Hi All, Is there a savegame for the PAL Version out there which contains all the Bonus levels and which is at the beginning of the game? I've played Spyros Adventure with such a savegame and it worked great, it even containes all the challange levels from all 32 Characters. EDIT: If there...
  2. Roman_42

    Gaming Is it over?

    Hi All, after reading the DS release schedule... I feel like it's time to sell my good old DS. Am I or is gamefaqs missing something or is it really over? Is there at least one good game in the works for DS?
  3. Roman_42

    Gaming Ambassador NES games display

    Hi all, just tried SMB and I've noticed that it has black borders on top and the bottom of the screen. I'm living in Germany so I fear something extremely stupid: Did they release the Ambassador NES emulators with PAL NES ROMS for Europe? Did we get slowed down 50Hz ROMS? To the US American...
  4. Roman_42

    Gaming upload photos from your PC to the 3DS

    Hi all, I've tried around with the browser and found somehting nice: Simply run this little freeware webserver: ...and point your 3DS browser to the local WLAN IP adress of your PC. The webserver will render a directory listing of the PC directory you...
  5. Roman_42

    Gaming Castlevania addiction

    Hi all, I've started playing Castlevania last month with SotN on the PSP, have been completely overwhelmed by the wonderful gamedesign and I was shocked about my own ignorance, because I've never tried any Castlevania besides the SNES one, which sucked hard IMHO. Now I've finished SotN, the 3...
  6. Roman_42


    Hi all, I've got a PSP since yesterday and now I've got a lot to read up, but I can't find a nice site for the PSP. Is there something like for the PSP? Infos about all releases (legal or illegal) with screenshots, nice site design, lots of people, tutorials and downloads? I've...
  7. Roman_42

    ROM Hack modding Civilization Revolution

    Hi, first I hated it, now I'm completely addicted and so I wanted to add my own culture as a playable Civ to CivRev. This can be done very easily. All one has to do is to open the ROM image with DSLazy/DSBuff, edit some simply ASCII text files with a standard texteditor in data/localization and...
  8. Roman_42

    Hacking g6/m3 real GUI doublebuffering?

    I've notived that the G6 developers are reading here, so I've decided to post a wish: I really like my m3real, but I can't understand why the GUI doesn't have doublebuffering. Without doublebuffering even the nicest skin will look and feel like crap. The whole software looks and feels like a...
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