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    Gaming Sega Super Stars Tennis

    only some:
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    Gaming Sega Super Stars Tennis

    i really like this game, and want to play it more, but every time i skip one of the little cut scenes, it seems like i have a 50% chance of the game crashing with a white screen on the top screen, and i need to turn off my DS. is this happening to anyone else? R4 1.17 EDIT: nvm, card format...
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    ROM Hack Zelda PH story rips?

    yeah, same here
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    ROM Hack Zelda PH story rips?

    DSLazy shows a whole mess of stuff inside PH, and my guess is that the story is in ~/Events/Kamishibai/Kami, but i could easily be wrong. how can i find those awesome still frames and export them? help, please?
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    Gaming DS Releases: Week of 8th October 2007

    that daffy duck thing will probably suck, but i'm still looking forward to it.i and that diablo game! woah! want!
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    DS #1398: Drawn To Life (USA)

    i thought 1398 came after 1397? whats going on there?
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    Gaming Nintendo DS Games Due 10th to 14th September 2007

    i only saw the dev hands-on on youtube (gametrailers?), but i had the same impression hopefully still be fun for an hour or two, though
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    DS #1393: Worms Open Warfare 2 (USA)

    damn, this thread is dramatic
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    Gaming Co-op DS Games?

    cookies and cream is co-op
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    Gaming New Treasure DS Title To Come!

    ikagura? no one?
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    Gaming Zelda64 and the DS.

    i've played every major zelda game (not including the gameboy ones and stuff) since the original on NES was new, and OoT was the only one i ever felt like i couldn't put down, and HAD to keep playing. i actually bought wind waker on GCN, and played the OoT bonus disk more than WW. i would...
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    DS #1391: I Spy Fun House (USA)

    the words that mean vagina
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