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  1. RyuKakashi

    Hacking GeckoOS launch channel is missing

    I tried using geckoOS 1.9 but for launch channel I get an error saying it can't find any channels. I tried using the latest but that's completely missing the menu option at all, even with debugger on.
  2. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Problems installing certain games. ret = -1022

    I get an error on installing Kid Chameleon, Sin and Punishment, and super smash (injected s&p wad) For KC and S&P it would get to content #3 and fail giving me error ret - 1022 For supersmash, it would get to content #4. All the other games i've tried have worked fine. I've tried using...
  3. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Removing the Safety warnings in each game?

    Was there any progress made on this? Sorry for not completely reading all the trucha related threads. I assume there's a way to at least make them shorter by replacing them with the shortest ones from other games?
  4. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Extracting Wii Textures?

    With our new ability to explore wii games, I wanted to extract the textures for Travis's T-shirts from No More Heroes. There's lots of odd file types here and there so which ones are textures and how do i view/convert them?
  5. RyuKakashi

    ROM Hack Swapping Gyakuten Saiban 3's audio?

    I was wondering if it was possible to swap the english audio to have the japanese voices in english mode? I assume unpacking the rom and finding some offsets in one of the sound files is the way to go?
  6. RyuKakashi

    Gaming Screwed in Zelda

    So I just beat the Temple of Time and I just got the statue thing and now i'm going up the path from kakariko to find Darbus, patriarch of the Gorons. The eldin bridge is still broken. I know I could have teleported the bridge back from the desert to fix it, but that warp wasn't open because...
  7. RyuKakashi

    Hacking PSO Exploit?

    I was wondering of that PSO exploit for gamecube works with backward compadibility? I assume probably not but it's an idea!
  8. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Hori Rakuna Stylus Lite

    Where's a good place to get one of these with cheap shipping to america? None of the local stores around here carry anything hori.
  9. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Cutting down times in m3

    I'm interested in making my m3 work faster. I know the red text is unremovable (and is probably the core of the firmware updates) But what about the saving after playing a game and rebooting? Then with the "restore" after you load a game? Are one of those removable and still retain the ability...
  10. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Beginner Questions

    My superkey's been dying recently (sometimes doesn't boot into NDS mode and says no ds cart inserted) so I've considered flashing my DSL. I currently use a G6 lite so i'm too afraid of flashing without recovery but my M3 lite is coming anytime now, and I assume that will work. Does it matter...
  11. RyuKakashi

    Hacking The Truth about Safely Remove Hardware

    G6 Corruption is becoming a huge problem. People often blame it on people not using safely remove hardware. But there are also tons of people with corruption errors that always use it. BY DEFAULT THIS IS THE SETTING Thus safely remove hardware is useless for many people and it won't corrupt...
  12. RyuKakashi

    Hacking G6 Lite's NDS Game Cheat System

    If you take a look in C:\Program Files\G6 U-DISK Manager\ You will see NDS_CHEAT_CHS or JAP or ENG (i guess different firmware support) Has anyone ever tried out these cheat files? In the txts it seems as if they are action replay codes. I wonder if I could just use AR codes? Probably not right...
  13. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Dipstar or something like it for G6?

    Is there anyway of getting this to work with a g6 lite or maybe a development of another cheat system?
  14. RyuKakashi

    Hacking SNES emulation on g6 lite

    I noticed the other day that the english box says the emulators included can run snes? I thought it could only do NES and the other sega stuff? While on topic, has anyone gotten any of the snes homebrew emulators to work on the g6 lite?
  15. RyuKakashi

    Misc Airlink AR315W

    I can't connect to WFC on this damn router. It takes about 14 minutes at the connecting screen and then tells me it can connect to an access point but not WFC with error 51200. I goto the site and the support for the router is so basic and useless, same for the error code. I know it's not just...
  16. RyuKakashi

    Hacking G6 Lite Evaluation: Installing 4.0c english.

    So I hear that the evaluation editions of g6 lite can install both languages. I go ahead and download the 4.0c pack and i follow instruction bla bla and install the english loader. I boot up my g6 lite and it says Please install the "English" language version. I did install the english so...why?
  17. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Firmware

    I wonder, has anyone made any progress on analysizing the differences between the english and chinese firmwares? Why english can't flash onto chinese g6 lite? And how to maybe make 4.0c similar to the dual lingual version that came with the g6 lite? And uhh....other stuff... any status on anything?
  18. RyuKakashi

    Hacking hopebuy

    A friend and I ordered 2 g6 lites from hopebuy last thursday. I believe paypal said the money has been transfered but hopebuy's site doesn't have a change in status for our order. Should I keep waiting or maybe email them about this? I have no experience with these guys so I don't know how they...
  19. RyuKakashi

    Hacking Homebrew?

    I think I read somewhere earlier on that since G6 doesn't use sd card storage, some homebrew doesn't work. Which is why moonshell needs to be the g6 version right? So then what about other homebrew and emulators like snesds?
  20. RyuKakashi

    Hardware winsunx's superkey old version

    I thought there was only one version of superkey? is "old version" the same one that's exactly the same to passcard 3 minus splash screen? What's the difference between old or new? I'm thinking of pre ordering a g6 lite pro and i don't know whether to get passcard 3 or superkey. I was aiming for...
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