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    Games you started but didn't finish ?

    FFXV. Got tired of the Fedex quests... Same for Death Stranding. Also, Bloodborne, wasn't my type of game. Three games I was very hyped to play and got disappointed.
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    What did you Accomplish in Gaming Today?

    Honestly my biggest achievement is something very small, but I actually completed the Green Leaf regional pokédex (except for Mew) totally legitimately, using two GBA and a Fire Red version. No hack no cheat no shortcuts. I was really proud lol
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    Hacking GBA Back Up Tool not working

    Hey flameshadow101, your answer is giving me hopes lol. Where did you find that woodcore.rar file exactly? I don't seem to have it, so I've looked it up on the internet and found it, downloaded it and put the __rpg folder instead of the one on my flashcart. Patched the gba back up tool with the...
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    Hacking GBA Back Up Tool not working

    SO! I indeed have this kernel, and found the "r4isd.dldi" file, and tried to patch my back up tools with the Win32 GUI patcher. Now, I have a screen saying "FAT Initialize" before the error screen comes back. I guess there's progress? I wanted to try and format my SD card in FAT16 but somehow...
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    Hacking GBA Back Up Tool not working

    Hi everyone! First of all, I wanna say I'm new to all these linkers stuff so please don't expect me to understand everything super clearly! But I'll try my best to Google everything I don't get first. So to my issue now, we need a bit of context: I have this exact R4 card:
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