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    Hacking My Softmodded Wii doesnt read any disc please help!

    Hello I softmodded my Wii using this guide, and it can no longer read any disc. Is there anyway to for me get my Wii back to it's original settings before I had done all of this or is it broken?
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    Hacking I softmodded my Wii and it cannot read any disc Help S.O.S.

    Is there anyway to get it back to its factory settings, and completely remove all the softmodding I did?
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    Hacking How to use the nand.bin

    how do I use this to get my Wii back to it's default settings?
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    Hacking trucha bug problems for a n00b

    Ok I followed the guide step by step, on the trucha bug screen I loaded IOS36, and after a whole bunch of technical things, I press 1 on my wii mote. The problem is when I try to downgrade to IOS15, I do not get the option of downloading IOS from NUD, the only option for me is to load IOS from...
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    Hacking n00b questions please help me

    I did an official firmware update from 3.4u to 4.1u and my serial number for my wii begins with lu65, what do I need to play backups? I know some people do not like these questions, but I would really appreciate any help, even someone telling me it can't be done, please thank you so much in advance
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    Hacking my wii serial is lu65 and fw 4.1u, can i install homebrew channel?

    I bought a new wii and it has firmware 4.1u installed, and the serial number is lu65, I dont want to install something that will break my wii, can someone help me? Is it possible to install the homebrew channel?
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