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  1. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Final Steps for Clean sysNAND

    Ok that's good, glad that you aren't banned. That's what I thought you meant, but you did write "not banned until now" which could be interpreted as you been being banned recently (now), so thank you for clarifying. Thank you so much again for all of your information so far.
  2. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Final Steps for Clean sysNAND

    Ok sounds good! I'll go ahead and factory reset just to be extra safe, I assume that is the reason why. I didn't really plan on using any cleaning tools since by nature of running them on your sysNAND, you are "dirtying" your sysNAND because you are running homebrew. I did not know that having...
  3. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Final Steps for Clean sysNAND

    Hello! I recently changed my setup where I ran CFW on sysNAND (since emuNAND was not a thing when I hacked my Switch). Now I have set up emuNAND and I am running CFW on emuNAND with the goal of having a "dirty" emuNAND that remains offline and having a "clean" sysNAND where I can play games...
  4. _Pro_Man_

    Pasta CFW :) my first intro to hacking on the 3ds. things have realllly progressed since then

    Pasta CFW :) my first intro to hacking on the 3ds. things have realllly progressed since then
  5. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking How do I find out if my 3DS custom firmware can play DS games?

    If you don't want to use a flashcard and just use the SD card inside of the 3DS, what you'll want to use is TWiLight Menu++ like previously said. A good guide for that is here. You could check to see if the TWiLight Menu cia is installed, but from the programs that you listed off, it's not on...
  6. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Restoring Clean NAND and setting up emuNAND

    Right makes sense. As I've read over some more things regarding emuMMC some of my questions seem sort of silly. After partitioning for the emuMMC partition, I would just make a backup of the sysMMC in the process fully setting up emuMMC. And then this backup would be written to the emuMMC...
  7. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Restoring Clean NAND and setting up emuNAND

    Hello guys. I just had a few quick questions before I did something and possibly made a mistake. I have a backup of my switch firmware on 5.1.0 before I installed any NSPs or ran any homebrew. I have the separate pieced nand.bin files, as well as the combined rawnand.bin file and...
  8. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Advise for Already Hacked Switch

    From what I can recall, Atmosphere didn't enable signature checks by default. Is there an extra step that I have to do to enable this step? And then would I encounter any issues switching from ReiNX to Atmosphere or would it be as simple as changing the payload to push and the files on the SD...
  9. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Advise for Already Hacked Switch

    Hey guys, It's been a while and I've been out of the switch scene for a bit, but I've been checking in every so often to see what developments have been made. Just wanted to figure out some things and ask some questions regarding the state of the switch. I'm currently running ReiNX on 5.1.0...
  10. _Pro_Man_

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp SX PRO Give-away WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Best of luck to all entering.
  11. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking NTRBoot Flashcards Info Request & Info

    Quick question. Which is the cheapest card that is supported by NTRBoot?
  12. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Looking for someone to flash 2DS NAND backup

    So it appears that you have a 3DS firmware on your 2DS? You could try this:, but I don't know how well it works or how safe it is. Otherwise @gamesquest1 @vb_encryption_vb should be able to help with a nand...
  13. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Safehax 11.0 O3DS Freeze on Patching ARM11? The link that I provided is a recompiled version
  14. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Safehax 11.0 O3DS Freeze on Patching ARM11?

    Trying using this
  15. _Pro_Man_

    Homebrew safefirmraunchhax - new Arm9 exploit discussion

    Try with this one?
  16. _Pro_Man_

    Homebrew safefirmraunchhax - new Arm9 exploit discussion

    What are the steps that you are going through that ends up with this glitched screen?
  17. _Pro_Man_

    Homebrew help for christmas

    Hey guys, I also need some help. My cousin got a 2ds for Christmas and I believe that his firmware is 11.0, 11.1, or 11.2 I'm not exactly sure (he was playing Pokemon Sun so I'm not sure of the firmware required to play the game). I'm not a noob at installing a9lh (using I have...
  18. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking External Hardrives

    One solution would be to use two hdds along side with the the UStealth program ( You would use this program to hide your hdd for the vwii and then use a separate drive that is formatted with by the wii u for wii u...
  19. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking Downgrading Black Friday 3ds

    Hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not sure how you are going to get an exploitable dsiware game now. Last I checked, all of the exploitable dsiware games have been removed from the eShop (unless you already purchased one). Remember this has to be a legit game, you cannot pirate it.
  20. _Pro_Man_

    Hacking DSi ware Downgrade without 4 games listed?

    I think what the OP is asking is if he can use games OTHER than the 4 listed on the downgrade guide. He has a dsiware game on a 3ds system in which he has transferred and does not want to wait 7 days to transfer it to another 3ds. He wanted to know if there are other exploitable games (that are...
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