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  1. omegart

    Hacking cia update sysnand online play?

    Hi guys I've installed pokémon alpha sapphire on a 9.2J sysnand, the 1.3 usa cia update downloaded from a popular site and I've imported my save from old emunand with savedatafiler (from linked emunand). Can I play online or I will be banned?
  2. omegart

    Hacking Moving a save?

    Hi i want to move my alpha sapphire save from o3ds 4.5 emunand to n3ds 9.2 sysnand. Is possible? I can use it online without being banned?
  3. omegart

    Hacking sky3ds n3ds8.1j don't show up anything

    As the title say, sky3ds with a 256 mb class 4 memory card with jap cubic ninja on it, n3ds 8.1j. When I turn on the console the cart led blink three time but cubic ninja don't show up. Same cart with cubic ninja eur, o3ds 4.5eu led blink continously but game don't show up. Can be a memory card...
  4. omegart

    Hacking Edit pokémon language?

    Hi guys I want to edit my oras save with pkhex to change the language (I don't want to restart it, I'm at the 7th gym), will I be banned if I use the edited save for online gaming? Thanks.
  5. omegart

    hi all

    hi i'm a 16 italian boy who like computer and videogames. my first console was game boy color with pokèmon red i'm nice to meet all of you
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