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    Euro switch, American wifi

    I bought an oled switch from France and now I can't use mobile hotspot on my phone and was forced th change channels on routers for switch to find my 5ghz. Is there anything I can do? Maybe send to nintendo for "repairs?"
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    Hacking Replacement Battery not holding charge

    I've replaced my battery in my switch 3 times so far and every time, Hekate is reporting the battery to be full at 3550 mAh. This latest battery is from ifixit and was reporting 4000 when I first installed. Help please
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    Gaming updated list of wireless local play

    Does anyone have an updated list of all games the support local wireless play?
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    Homebrew Question Taking a nand backup before a system transfer

    Could I restore that back up after a system restore and pretty much technically have two primary consoles?
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