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  1. icefireicefire

    Hacking WADder is back up!

    Finally, after much work, WADder has returned with a new URL: Since I now host WADder myself, I can now do some much needed upgrades and start again updating and filling out the site. Hope you enjoy places for custom channels and themes, as well as the...
  2. icefireicefire

    Hacking Hey, CIOSCORP dude, stop it!

    Stop using my installer, and go out and fucking code your own. That was my first damn try with C and it sucks, and its been around for almost a year now. CODE YOUR OWN FREAKING BETTER ONE and STOP STEALING MINE.
  3. icefireicefire

    Hacking Wii Menu 4.2 Released

  4. icefireicefire

    Hacking WADder 3.1 beta

    Official thread: or EFNet #WADder WADder 3.1 beta has been released! Now available in the following forms: - Windows Installer: ***** NOTE: WINDOWS USERS MUST RUN FROM...
  5. icefireicefire

    Hacking NUS WAD Packer v1.0 Released!

    Download (Mac): Download (Win): Download (Linux): Coming Soon Download (Src): Please post bugs/requests/etc in this thread or in the blog post at - thanks! Known bugs: -...
  6. icefireicefire

    Hacking comex's brawl haxx

    DON'T NAME THIS EXPLOIT! LEAVE THAT TO COMEX! Exploit by comex, ELF loading code by Team Twiizers. This exploit exploits a vulnerability in SSBB's stage builder code to run arbitrary homebrew code. Currently it will load an elf file from /boot.elf on the SD card. This exploit differs from...
  7. icefireicefire

    Hacking [THEMES] Lots of News and Updates!

    Theme Creation - Easy Package There is actually a really easy way to create your own themes. it is just replacing .png images, and it makes you a nice theme in no time! There is an included guide and tutorial. Works on 3.2 and 4.0. Just be sure to read the whole page...
  8. icefireicefire

    Hacking RB2 Customs Method

    We need your help! Choose what sounds best to you. NOTE: OPTIONS VERY SUBJECT TO CHANGE, CHECK BACK OFTEN. Yes, I am a bit involved in this, though I've never even played rockband Wii at all
  9. icefireicefire

    Hacking EASIER guide to HBC on 4.0 w/out downgrade

    Pack Download: NOT FOR LU64+ GUIDE IS INCLUDED IN PACK! Post questions here! All in very few steps, and choose between a legal HBC or a legal LoadMii channel.
  10. icefireicefire

    Hacking [OFFICIAL THREAD] BannerBomb Released by comex

    Yes, it WAS released. Really. Website: F.A.Q More to come... Q: Can I use this on a virgin 4.0 Wii? A: Yes. You may need a few versions though. Q: Does this include BootMii? A: No. Q: Can I install HBC with this? A: No, unless you have cIOS installed, and even then...
  11. icefireicefire

    Hacking [CONFIRMED] BootMii and BannerBomb leaked!

    YES, it is true! Get it now! Link to ZIP with both included: Post success reports here!
  12. icefireicefire


    Here's a complete guide to what preloader does and doesn't do. PRELOADER HAS NEVER BRICKED ANYONE. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE BRICKED, BOOT HBC AND REINSTALL PRELOADER. Nope, it hasn't. If you get the "System Files are corrupted" message, just reinstall preloader. Away it goes! PRELOADER CAN BE...
  13. icefireicefire

    Hacking Open Source Homebrew, v2

    I decided to post all my code online too, following waninkoko. Warning: most of it probably doesnt work . But I do know u8it does and WADder Manager is on its way... View it all here: @all coders: if you want to contribute, just PM me and I'll set you up!
  14. icefireicefire

    Hacking Liigality

    Liigality! These are illegal: a) All custom channels EXCEPT bbc.wad and one that only I have. b) All themes EXCEPT ones for use with MyMenu. c) All IOS WADs, including cIOS WADs. d) All System Menu WADs. e) Redistributing all Team Twiizers products, in WAD or regular form (HBC, DVDx, etc). This...
  15. icefireicefire

    Thread of Rants

    Rant, rant, rant! Its what the Wii Hacking forum seems to be all about, these days, so I created a thread JUST for ranting and flaming! Have fun people! Argue all you want! Talk about Nintendo's lameness, SoftMii's failingness, Nintendo's awesomeness, anything. Just be sure that all posts are...
  16. icefireicefire

    Hacking System Menu 4.0 Auto-Upgrader with trucha IOS upgrading.

    Download: Tested and working! I even used it on my wii to make sure. Just install a cIOS (if you don't have one already) then run this app! It will kill cIOSCORP though. DONT UPDATE WITH GAMES WITH THIS INSTALLED!!
  17. icefireicefire

    Hacking System Menu 4.0 Auto-Installer++

    (Untested. This can potentially brick you, but I don't think it will. I am not responsible if it does, though I hope it doesn't.) This application will download (using PatchMii) and install stuff in this order. All IOS's downloaded will be trucha-patched: - IOS60 (then tests to make sure IOS60...
  18. icefireicefire

    Hacking I NEED someone with a "unsoftmodable" Wii

    I'm going to re-compile YAWND to run off of IOS16, so I need someone with one of these "new" wii's to PM me so we can work through this together. I'd prefer a PM at, or getting on IRC, but here will do. Lets work out whats really going on.
  19. icefireicefire

    Hacking MyMenu in final testing

    Edit: Been released now! And Updated! see
  20. icefireicefire

    Hacking MyMenu UPDATE!!!

    I just started working on MyM again, and it is like 90% done now (just needs UI tweaks). However, I'm not going to release it to anybody but the WADder staff (that I know and trust) as I am currently pissed off at being banned from like 75% of the wii-related IRC channels (#Softmii...
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