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  1. El-ahrairah

    Comment by 'El-ahrairah' in 'People complaining about price of WM+ are pissing me off'

    I didn't have any problem going out and buying a WM+ unit, of course I only have one Wiimote. I think that people are getting so used to free shit that whenever they are required to buy something, they get all bent out of shape. Sorry guys, that's the cost of being a pirate. Sometimes you just...
  2. El-ahrairah

    Comment by 'El-ahrairah' in 'Nintendo DSi 1.4 update on December 2009/ Q1 2010'

    That depends on your definition of "hacked". Do you mean hacked like the DSL, or hacked like the Wii? I'll agree though, once the DSi is as thoroughly hacked as the Wii is, there isn't going to be much that can be done about it.
  3. El-ahrairah

    Comment by 'El-ahrairah' in 'Success!'

    I'm not certian there's anything that I, being American, can do to help. I do, however, support the cause.
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    Comment by 'El-ahrairah' in 'Homebrewing!'

    Grog is usually watered down beer or some other spirits. So in theory, yes, I could homebrew grog, but why water down perfectly good beer? :D I had actually looked into shipping some of my previous batches to family members who live out of state. As it turns out, shipping wine is illegal is...
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    Huge pics are huge, thus the thumbnails. I took a small break from homebrewing when I moved last year. I recently decided that it was time to start up again. Most homebrewers brew beer and many brew wine. There are a few of us out there that have made mead their brew of choice. I've been...
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