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  1. alcab

    Hacking Moving Disc Channel in vWii mode. Is it possible?

    Sorry for asking. I've searched the forum and I just found a similar topic from 2013, without a proper answer. I've gone back to my Wii U these last days and I've been toying with the Wii Mode. I was wondering if it is possible to find a way for moving the disc channel in vWii. Given that...
  2. alcab

    Hacking Extracting SD Card when booting in Hetake

    Hello! I'm completely new in the Switch scene. Quite surprised on how advanced it is!! Just wondering... Is it safe to extract the SD card when you are in the Hekate menu? If not, is there any option to unmount it when the Nintendo Switch is turned on? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. alcab

    Hacking Modmii nand builder and vWii

    Just a quick question. I have neek2o installed and fully working on my vwii. I'm using a copy of my own vwii nand for emulation purposes. Would it be possible to use another region vwii nand built with modmii, or modmii built nands are not compatible with vwii, as I suspect? Thanks in advance...
  4. alcab

    Hacking Wii eShop Games for Wii U on modded vWii

    I just downloaded Xenoblade Chronicles from the eShop, and it fails to boot. Wii U enters Wii Mode and then it resets. I was wondering if this could be related to the fact that I have a modded vWii, or if it could just be that the game has not been properly downloaded. Thanks in advance for...
  5. alcab

    Homebrew Old homebrew and SDHC support

    Hello. Today I was trying to play Reminiscence (homebrew) for Wii. It's a Flashback port for Nintendo's console. Unfortunately, the program does not support SDHC cards, so it doesn't find the data folder and obviously doesn't boot. I was wondering if there is an easy way to make this old...
  6. alcab

    Hacking MIOS v4 vs. v10- v10 doesn't boot original games!

    I have a very strange issue I would be very grateful if anyone could help me to fix. It seems when installing official MIOS v8-v9 or v10 my original Gamecube games fail to boot. Restoring to MIOS v4 or v5 fixes the problem. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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