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    Hacking GM - AngryCats Demo PS4 Homebrew 6.72

    Hi everyone I ported AngryCatsDemo to ps4. Works on 6.72. I added a cursor so that you may use the touchpad on the DS4 to play the game. Some photos and video. Link:
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    Hacking Custom splash screen Switch

    Just found this. I’m on my phone enjoy.. source: Discord Switch Hacks French EDIT: quoated: MeatReed!2FtxxKbB!Wnnf-0A-iqce3tG0Hq4rq_yIm6mNoPOUM4YoJ8vpfa4 “ So to use this script you have to open a guest in the folder and make the command `python
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    Hacking Midway Arcade Treasure

    Hi everyone. I have a ps vita, adrenaline installed and I am playing midway arcade treasure. I was wondering is there a plug-in that I can use to stretch midway arcade treasure... well actually some games in midway arcade treasure you can stretch to full screen, however Mortal Kombat 1 - 3 ...
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    Hacking Found a little trick

    So I bought two switches. The bad news is that you can only have one console activated for that account.. that means to download a game and play it on your second account, you have to deactivate one of them. Well I found something interesting. I deactivated one switch that I bought the game...
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    Hacking Use Qcma to back up gro0

    So I was thinking about backing up our own bought cartdrige psvita games... using Qcma. So using sqlitebrowser I was wondering if we can modify the location from mem card to gro0.. Your thoughts.
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    Hacking HENkaku-webserver released: Host HENkaku locally, launch without internet access

    Developer Meetpatty just released a version ofHENkaku that you can host on your local server, which allegedly removes the dependency on an internet connection to run the hack (I have not tested this yet). "HENkaku-webserver is a windows-only thing for now as it relies on the ASP.Net Framework...
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