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  1. Gerechter

    Hacking I unistall System Font and i don't have a full backup nand, HELP!

    Hello, first of all thank you for entering this thread. I will explain it briefly, I uninstalled this title 0004009B00014002 (System Font EUR) and now it does not enter the home menu (GoodMode and Luma are still working correctly). I don't have a full backup of the NAND. I have: Luma, B9S...
  2. Gerechter

    Hacking Delete Miiverse title to turn off when you try to enter, worth it?

    Probably this is silly, but I would like to know what you think, in my opinion the console shuts down before the traditional method and is a use for the Miiverse icon. I would like people who understand a bit about how the console works what they think about it and if it is bad for the console...
  3. Gerechter

    Hacking CFW with Transfer System in 11.4 - Please Help

    With the transfer mode you can install CFW in a console that does not have it in version 11.4 transferring FBI of a 3ds with CFW? Although it can not be transferred FBI, can be installed games installed in a 3ds with CFW to a 3ds without CFW or swapdoodle in vulnerable version? Will the 3DS...
  4. Gerechter

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing: Wild World - Hacking Community Thread

    Introduction. Hello everyone, a few days ago I realized what I could do with this game thanks to the tools that exist for the community of Pokemon, Mario Kart and Mario Bros NDS and I thought it a good idea to share with you what I have now I Discovered about the hack of this game, I know it is...
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