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  1. satel

    Help Switch no longer boots cfw

    Issue resolved, I was using the rcm clip on the wrong rail.
  2. satel

    Hacking R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C ?

    i'm looking for the R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C for the R4.CN card,to add multi media functions to wood 1.64 firmware
  3. satel

    Hacking Atmosphere + Emutendo NCA Error

    error resolved following this link:
  4. satel

    Hardware Wii U 1080P Static Lines & Dots on TV !!!

    hi, my Wii U started displaying some strange static lines & tiny black dots on the tv screen,i tried a different hdmi cable & different hdmi port but the issue is still comes back,i have now changed the resolution to 1080i & it seems to have fixed the issue . any idea what is happening here ? is...
  5. satel

    Hacking do you need to format sd to install emummc ?

    hi, do i need to format my micro sd card which obviously deletes all it's content in order to install emummc or can i install emummc & still keep everything? also is there a guide for emummc ? by the way i'm using Atmosphere
  6. satel

    Hacking how to use tinfoil with Emunand ?

    hi all, i'm new to os sx coming from atmosphere as i needed xci usbi decided to go for os sx but i'm new so not sure how to install games to Emunand ? if i use tinfoil which option should i go for install to SD or NAND ? or should i use the OS SX installer ? i prefer tinfoil because i'm used to it
  7. satel

    Hacking Wii Home Menu Music ??

    correct me if wrong,when i modded my Wii years ago i'm sure i had Mario music playing as the Home Menu Music. is this possible or i'm imagining things ?
  8. satel

    Hacking Switch CFW Crash Daily !!!

    Hi All, the issue is CFW is somehow disabled when i want to play a different game (this software cannot be started) !! i'm running 6.1.0 ReiNX 128GB exfat. any idea why ?
  9. satel

    Hacking 6.1.0 ChoiDujour Switch is Dead ???

    i used the app in the title to update from 6.0 & now the Switch seems dead to me. it should reboot to complete the FW installation but it just went to black screen
  10. satel

    Hacking SafeCTRTransfer Failed

    Hi All, i have old 3ds console on fw & i'm using this guide but CTRTransfer fails at Section III every time i have tried 6 different SD cards,2 different card readers & even formatted the 3ds but still the same. after the SHA256 check is done...
  11. satel


    never mind. it only freezes on couple of games so it's not a big deal. can a mod please close this thread. thanks
  12. satel

    Hardware New Wii U which firmware is installed ?

    Hi, i just like to know if buying new Wii U console which firmware it's likely to come with ? this has nothing to do with hacking just a normal question. :)
  13. satel

    Hacking can u use emunand from 3ds to another ?

    hi, can you use a SD card with emunand installed & updated on another 3ds console running 4.1 - 4.5 firmware ?
  14. satel

    Hacking updated GW Nand but System updated instead !!

    hi, i just created a nand image & i formatted the sd which then showed GW3D as system firmware in setting & then i set up wifi & connect to eshop when asked me to update so i updated but it did not update GW3D its showing as main system nand that has been updated !! what happened here exactly ?
  15. satel

    Hacking unsloved mystery..please help me solve it

    i have dsi xl with 1.41e firmware with R4 3ds from the guys,good card hardly used,updated to work with 1.45e ds & 4.44 3ds. the problem which i don't understand is: i just bought a used 3ds with firmware i did not have any games for it so i thought i will try it with the R4...
  16. satel

    Hacking black screen after using GX usb loader !

    hi, i just tried GX loader for the first time,i think it was the IOS222 version of the usb GX loader,i got immediate black screen,i then rebooted the Wii but the problem now when i click on homebrew channel it also gives black screen !! why is this & how can i fix this ? thanks
  17. satel

    Hacking soft mod Wii from 4.1E to 4.2E still showing 4.1E !!!

    Hi, i updated the ios's of my soft modded 4.2E Wii (ios236,249&222) & after i did the update successfully the Homebrew channel decided to stop working,i tried everything to get working again but no luck so i used Bootmii to downgrade it to the previous soft modded 4.1E firmware using a backup...
  18. satel

    UK Woman Fined £16k For File-Sharing

    A woman has been ordered to pay £16,000 over file-sharing offences in one of the first cases of its kind in the UK. The woman, who has not been named, was caught after a swoop on Britons who illegally share games and films over the internet, London law firm Davenport Lyons said. She is one of...
  19. satel

    E3 2008: DS Accelerometer / New DS Forthcoming?

    US, July 14, 2008 - It's E3 time and the rumors are spreading like wildfire. Sources tell IGN that development studio Activision is preparing to release a new peripheral designed to give Nintendo DS motion/tit functionality. The small add-on will take a cue from Guitar Hero: On Tour and plug...
  20. satel

    Hacking M3 Real or Edge ?

    i need advice from owners of both cards,which one should i go for the Edge or the M3 Real ? & why ? many thanks
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