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  1. Heritor

    ROM Hack [Fire Emblem: Awakening] Project Thabes

    Hello, people at GBAtemp! I'm Heritor, an amateur 3DSFE romhacker and creator of a rather ambitious proof-of-concept project (at least, it started that way) for Fire Emblem: Awakening, dubbed Project Thabes. (yeah, apparently we can edit the title screen now.) This project aims to overhaul...
  2. Heritor

    Hello, I exist.

    I'm Heritor, an amateur 3DS Fire Emblem Romhacker with ambitions bigger than his own motivation to create, except when the motivation is high and I get something done for once in my life. I exist, you may see me around, and I hope to contribute to the growth of 3DSFE romhacking in some way...
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