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  1. celebi00

    Issues when changing from SXOS to atmosphere

    Some new games unable to play with SXOS, and it's time to change to atmosphere I play SXOS in sysnand and I want to keep the sysnand firmware in 11.0.0 to play with SXOS in that old SD card so now I get another SD card going to play with atmosphere emunand First, I follow this guide How to...
  2. celebi00

    Keep stuck at starting splash of patched game in SXOS

    I am still playing patched game using SXOS the games were patched by SAK, and now they stuck at the game starting splash:switch: when I trying to open them I get the 14.1.0 prod.key to patch the game that I think the key is updated Is it behavior that required firmware version is higher to run...
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