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  1. Tex_McBladeSword

    Netflix announces new Sonic animated series

    Im indifferent, but never forget what Man of Action did to Mega Man
  2. Tex_McBladeSword

    Rockman 7: 宿命の対決! title in English?

    It's a somewhat odd title in my opinion. It most likely refers to the fight between Rockman and Forte. However, since Forte is first introduced in this title and is portrayed as an ally for a majority of the game, calling their battle(s) in the fortress stages 'fate' or 'destiny' seems like a...
  3. Tex_McBladeSword

    Rockman 7: 宿命の対決! title in English?

    For the longest time I'd seen it translated as 'Showdown of Destiny' but Mega Man: Legacy Collection 2 translates it as "The Fateful Showdown" so that's probably the closest you'll get to an 'official' answer
  4. Tex_McBladeSword

    Webcomic Temper Tantrums #58 - Victoria's Secret

    Missed opportunity to call it 'Veronica's Secret'
  5. Tex_McBladeSword

    Netflix's 'Castlevania' producer to work on 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon' TV adaptation

    'M-rated'. Makes sense, it's Watch Dogs. 'Aimed at Tweens'. Oh. Aight.
  6. Tex_McBladeSword

    GBWallpaper turns your Windows 10 wallpaper into a fully fledged Game Boy emulator Almost positive that's it. If not, it looks like it does all of the same things as the one I remember, so
  7. Tex_McBladeSword

    GBWallpaper turns your Windows 10 wallpaper into a fully fledged Game Boy emulator

    There was a NES version of this that I used a few years back, it's fun to mess around with, if you have enough games.
  8. Tex_McBladeSword

    Gaming Smash Ultimate's classic mode doesn't reward the greatest achievement

    the true greatest achievement of Classic Mode is getting 100% in the credits game
  9. Tex_McBladeSword

    The Klonoa animated movie has been cancelled

    More than a Klonoa movie, I really wanted to see a movie with Hitoshi Ariga involved
  10. Tex_McBladeSword

    Square Enix RPG, The Last Remnant to be de-listed from Steam

    I assume they were referring to both Shenmue 1 and 2, as 2 was released on the Xbox
  11. Tex_McBladeSword

    ROM Hack WIP VOEZ - Custom Songs

    Definitely right up my alley, cant wait for more progress! Btw as things are currently, are you able to add new tracks to the game entirely? Or are you having to sacrifice an existing song in order to load a custom one?
  12. Tex_McBladeSword

    ROM Hack Discussion Mods & LayeredFS

    Ah, ok. I Should note that ive only yried with the native Layeredfs in SXOS which is probably outdated, and was using mods meant for wii u, hoping theyd be out-of-the-box compatible EDIT: I have gotten the game past the title screen, but it freezes when trying to load replaced assets
  13. Tex_McBladeSword

    ROM Hack Discussion Mods & LayeredFS

    Tryin out BOTW stuff myself. Do you have updates installed when trying to launch the game? My copy is on the latest update and I feel like maybe that has something to do with the issue. Other people have reportedly gotten some things working but I havent found any useful info on HOW theyve done it
  14. Tex_McBladeSword

    Tutorial How to make Switch BFSTM (custom music)

    Is there a list of song files for popular switch games yet? That would make this 100x easier
  15. Tex_McBladeSword

    Bandai Namco's Gamescom lineup 2018

    Finally some Ace Combat 7. They almost gave me a heart attack at E3 and even then we didnt get a release date
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