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  1. Ace001

    Hacking How would i activate a PSTV??

    I am currently trying to activate a pstv for adrenaline but every time i follow the steps on ePSP bubble installer and when i get to the activation screen on PSN settings it spits out an error code. I googled it and its basically saying that it's something psn related (to sign in process or...
  2. Ace001

    Hardware Psvita Game card slot Help

    Hello all. I have a question since i have no idea what couldve happened to my game slot on the vita. It no longer detects my sd2vita and official game cards. I've tried multiple games and even got two replacements of sd2vita. I've tried reloading the .txt file through the henkaku settings on the...
  3. Ace001

    Hacking Ps4cheater Help

    So.. Does anyone know why im always getting the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" every time i refresh the processes in game? Starting to irritate me a little.. Ps4 Is running 4.55 Through web exploit (i run the hen exploit then the "original" (cht) exploit and then...
  4. Ace001

    Hacking (psvita) Wont show any homebrew anymore or anything in my sd2vita

    So yesterday my vita was working just fine with everything but now that i had intended to install 3.65 enso i first booted up my vita without the sd2vita and prompted with the error and needs formatting. I ignored it and after saying i cant use it on my system all my homebrew is gone. I even...
  5. Ace001

    Hacking [Help]Trying to recover 3ds from accidental ctrsetup..

    I was attempting to update my luma (7.0) to the latest and ended up using the setup ctrnand.gm9 with the latest 9.0 boot.firm luma file in root of sd with it just gives me the blue light for a second and turns off. I've tried many solutions but to no avail. Tried different sd...
  6. Ace001

    Hacking Please help (ps3 cfw error)

    I've recently ran into a issue where my ps3 freezes almost instantly on start up. Everything was working just fine until (by my mistake) installed a psnpatch plugin through the program on the ps3. After reboot it just locks up after the ps3 welcome screen. I've also looked at the patch notes in...
  7. Ace001

    Hacking Is it safe to update sysnand using a sky3ds card?

    As the title says, I was wondering if it's safe to update my 2.1.0-4U 3ds using the sky3ds (using smash bros to update)
  8. Ace001

    Hacking Gateway N3DS update to 10.7 help

    I was wondering if anyone had a method of getting the n3ds updated to 10.7 I've tried standard updating process=black screen emunand updating through BBM, Devmenu=black screen I'm usimg the latest launcher too..any help would be greatly appreciated! :wacko:
  9. Ace001

    Hacking Which is better? gateway or rxtools?

    Debating whether or not to use rxtools for its gba and dsi features.. Any opinions on the two?
  10. Ace001

    Hacking emunand booting help..

    So I just tried to boot up my gateway emunand but I got this message: an error has occured forcing system to restart. the sysnand is not updated..would anyone know the cause of this?
  11. Ace001

    Hardware Any point on staying on 9.6

    I got a Limited edition zelda o3dsXL with 9.6. Should i just update it since i cant use any form of CFW or anything like that? opinions please~
  12. Ace001

    Homebrew Question of keeping 9.5 browser on emunand

    I wanna update my emunand to 9.8(Old3dsxl) but i wanna keep my browser at the one i have now (9.5) for the arcode hax. So how should i go about it? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Ace001

    Hardware gateway classic mode question

    Okay so I have monster hunter 4 ultimate retail cart and was wondering if its safe To play it under classic mode. I'm currently on 9.5 emunand firmware. Another reason is because one time I ran cubic ninja retail (has the cart since I didn't have a gateway but now that I do it's just laying...
  14. Ace001

    Hardware [help] battery dying in gateway mode question

    I Keep reading online that 3ds's dying in gateway (emunand) causes brick..would it still happen even if the nands are seperated? *Using gateways latest firmware update
  15. Ace001

    Realhotstuff Order status..

    I just want to get something cleared up and answers would be deeply appreciated. I recently ordered a Supercard DSTwo from Realhotstuff2 (the new jersey website) And ordered it and what not. Though on the order status it says "new" does that mean It's already on it's way?:mellow: if not then...
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