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  1. Wishi

    Hacking Using Switch Emunand in another Switch

    Hi there GBA Team ! I already got an emunand setup with lastest firmware / atmosphere. But been thinking on buying another exploitable switch , main doubt is if I can boot my first / original switch emunand into the new one via hetake or does doing this can be risky ? I'm planning to connect...
  2. Wishi

    Homebrew Wii U New Update 5.5.2

    An Update for the WiiU has been released. CBHC and HaxChi work just fine on 5.5.2. It's been confirmed by many users. Only BrowserHax is patched. You can absolutely still install HaxChi if you are on 5.5.1. Use NNU patcher to access the eshop. Download the DS game that you need. It will fail...
  3. Wishi

    Homebrew CBHC What would happen if...

    While it is autobooting to sysnand and suddenly turn off ? Would it corrupted the DS Game and therefore brick our Wii U ? Or as it is just reading the Game and not exactly overwriting it , suddenly turn it off should not be a problem ? Right ? This is just pure speculation I'm seriously...
  4. Wishi

    Hacking Does its possible to Play MH3U Coop with Loadiine ?

    Do you guys think is possible using Smash Bros Mode ? its supposed to enable 3ds connectivity but i dont think it works possibly because of the title the wii u thinks its playing... Anyway does someone alredy tried this ? Does it work or not ? Thanks :P
  5. Wishi

    Misc It's the Eshop currently Working ?

    Topic , I am testing if my modem actually blocked system updates/Eshop so can anyone confirm if the Eshop is currently working please ? (:
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