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  1. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Buying new computer'

    Parts are compatible with each other now so that's good. This might be some nitpicking with the brand. The PSU is fine wattage-wise as rated for the system, but I cannot find any reviews for it and have no experience with it. Someone may say otherwise though. You don't want to cheapen out on...
  2. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Buying new computer'

    Both motherboards, the old one and the revised one, don't support 2000 MHz RAM without overclocking, and I don't know if they will even overclock. The RAM web page has the MHz unlabeled in parenthesis (2000). I'd recommend to go for maybe 1333 MHz RAM, although I did list some speeds in my...
  3. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Buying new computer'

    The RAM page doesn't work, and you're missing a CPU, though the link says something about a Intel Core i3. When you choose RAM for the motherboard you have chosen, be sure you look for DDR3 and not DDR2 as those are not compatible. The "speed" of the RAM should be 1066, 1333, or 1600 MHz...
  4. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Oh, just stuff, life y'know that!'

    Hope you got the secret mission before you went to Char. Had to play the Char missions again since they wouldn't let me activate the secret mission through the archives after getting off the Hyperion. Pretty darn annoying, not having one of the missions done. Well looking at benchmarks, the...
  5. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in '30$ left on my StarCraft 2 preorder'

    Buying the limited or the standard? I have a friend that actually went for limited.
  6. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'recommendations on a new headset.'

    Open Ear and Closed Ear designs differ in how the speakers are enclosed. Open Ear has an open air design so sound leaks out like crazy with the benefit of better sound accuracy as opposed to Closed Ear designs. Closed Ear designs lose sound accuracy or something due to something about the...
  7. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Finally. ****ing Finally.'

    Wasn't it "I wanna be the guy"? Or something like that. It's one of those extremely difficult platformers with everything that kills you or deceives your mind.
  8. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Medal of Honor beta impressions'

    So after some trouble, I finally got a beta key. Not via the C&C4 beta key, but the Dragon Age Origins Awakening Item Giveaway. Gotta register for AlienwareArena though, but if you already have an account there for say, the APB beta from before, then it shouldn't be a problem. EA just uses the...
  9. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'I got a NOKIA N900 Internet Tablet!!!!!'

    It used to only have the features of a internet tablet like it's predecessors in its series, but they just went all the way and added the phone functionality. Now it's a smartphone I guess, though with the Maemo OS of it's predecessors, rather than the typical Symbian OS you see with all the...
  10. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'How I browse GBAtemp.'

    I suddenly wish I could go up to that resolution. 1680x1050 only fits a browser and like a buddy list for something and barely anything else.
  11. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Cleverbot.'

    Me: I'm sorry for killing you God: There is no need to apologize. Your purpose is killing me. I killed God apparently.
  12. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'TIME TO RELIVE MY CHILDHOOD~'

    Some comparison shots of the Coalgirls encode/CoalSakura subs: Blu-Ray DVD Never really watched it myself... I think. I might have saw an episode when I was younger. I know it's a classic so I might pick it up one day.
  13. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Woo hah New Video Card'

    Oh right. I must have forgotten that after reading the "Six" version of the 5870. Well that would still require 3 monitors then... But it'd be nice to try such a setup one day.
  14. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Woo hah New Video Card'

    You could afford that Displayport setup? Wasn't it like 500+ USD for all of the monitors and displayport adapters combined!?
  15. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Woo hah New Video Card'

    And it's 40 nm now right? Either way, it's still better than my 8600 GTS.
  16. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Tokyo Magnitude 8.0'

    The oddest thing about the music was I somehow related it's style to Shakugan no Shana's. And guess what? It was composed by the same guy! Well yeah it doesn't list Shakugan no Shana (except the film) on the page, but if you look at the page of the Shakugan no Shana OST, you'll notice his name.
  17. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Positive K/D Ratio'

    It's hard to keep a decent K/D ratio in BC2... Or at least for me. Maybe I just need to get better or something. It's not like it's deathmatch or anything at least, but it does matter if you're attackers and you just keep dieing. Still I do...
  18. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'It's here.'

    Coalguys right now. Pretty sure it's not a troll. Although, you can wait for Chihiro or... Frostii if you don't mind the even longer wait.
  19. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Summer Wars.'

    It's a movie and just a movie. There is nothing else to watch to understand it or to watch in chronological order. Now if you want to watch a previous work, you could watch "The Girl Who Lept Through Time", but even that doesn't have any relation to "Summer Wars" other than director.
  20. TheWingless

    Comment by 'TheWingless' in 'Summer Wars.'

    Yeah, I just recently watched it in 720p as well. I didn't understand the Koi-Koi stuff all that well, but that's okay I guess. It was a great watch at least.
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