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    Hacking How to launch Gateway with the latest A9LH version?

    Have you got the latest version of launcher.dat on the root of your sd card?
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    Hacking N3DSXL + GWbeta : how to access back the GW boot menu

    With the latest firmware it's L + Select
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    Hacking N3DSXL + GWbeta : how to access back the GW boot menu

    Have a read through this thread, it should help you:
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    Hacking DSiWare System Transfer

    Quick update on this. I called Nintendo today, and they unlinked my NNID from my N3DS without any issue. I then set up my NNID on my old 2DS again and went into the eShop. The eShop reported that 3 previously purchased titles were available for re-download, including Fieldrunners...
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    Hacking Restoring cfw after restoring system nand

    You need to copy arm9loaderhax.bin back onto CTR NAND. Go to section VI of the guide (Finalising Setup):, open up FBI, select 'SD", then follow steps 7 thru 12 & steps 20 thru 23.
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    Hacking DSiWare System Transfer

    So did you do a NAND restore, or did you not need to do that because you were able to redownload?
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    Hacking DSiWare System Transfer

    Hi, Following the Plailect guide, I carried out a Fieldrunners DSiWare downgrade by doing a System Transfer from my old previously a9lh'd 2DS to my new N3DS. Everything worked fine, and the NNID also transferred from my old 2DS to my new N3DS. I know I can't do a System Transfer back to my old...
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    Hacking Luma3DS - Noob-proof 3DS Custom Firmware

    Section 1, Step 12:
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    Hacking What to do with o3DS/Gateway?

    I don't think EmuNAND is essential, but I don't currently have my GW at hand to test. I think the launcher expects an EmuNAND by default, but you can force it to use SysNAND by pressing buttons whilst launching Gateway Mode. From the GW manual: Yes. But Luma3DS also allows you to install .cia...
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    Hacking What to do with o3DS/Gateway?

    Yes, you can. That's how I'm currently set up. I have 3DS with a9lh & Luma3DS on SysNAND 11.2. I've installed the GW launcher and GW chainloader on the SD card and I'm able to start up GW mode by pressing dpad left on power up. I still run GW with EmuNAND (also on 11.2) as that is the default...
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    Hacking What to do with o3DS/Gateway?

    Follow the plailect guide: then set it up to run gateway: You'll still want to run gateway on EmuNAND, even when you take the SysNAND up to 11.2
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    Hacking Luma3DS - Noob-proof 3DS Custom Firmware

    You can, but that's not the way most folks on here would recommended you do it. Much better to follow the plailect guide for installing a9lh. You can still use your GW card after that, and also get all the benefits of Luma3DS.
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    Hacking FBI issue after installing arm9lh...

    ...and you've definitely injected the correct FBI app to match the region and model of your 3DS into H&S? I'm not actually too sure what happens if you inject the wrong region or wrong 3DS model.
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    Hacking firm1.bin is invalid...

    Similarly, following the guide exactly, I did a dsiware downgrade & ctr transfer of an n3ds xl yesterday, using safea9lhinstaller v2.0.3 & data input 3, and it worked perfectly. Recheck you are using all the correct files, and they are all copied to the correct folder on your SD...
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    Hacking Formatted System via System Format on a Luma3ds N3dsXl

    No great dramas. Just re-run sections V & VI of the guide to get you back up and running
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    Hacking Is OTPless A9LH Safe?

    Sadly, OTPless a9lh install method seems to have been completely removed from Plailect guide. I would have preferred to have been given the option to go OTPless or 2.1.0 ctrtransfer
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    Hacking A9LH Updating Problem

    Sounds to me like you don't actually have the latest a9lh installed. Did you follow all 10 steps from 'Section I - Prep Work' of the guide 100%, using newly downloaded and up to date files for each part? Edit: If you can't access the luma config, then it actually sounds like you don't have the...
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    Hacking Save data corruption since changing to .3dz
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    Hacking Save data corruption since changing to .3dz

    Sure. The ability to install .cia files via Gateway is not as well documented / understood as other CFWs. OP does have BBM, so it should be possible.
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