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  1. smile72

    Hacking Not enough memory error

    So I'm having this irritating error whenever I try to open an app in the Homebrew Launcher. I didn't experience this error until I put the whole contents of the retroarch folder on my SD card.I could not open any app so I thought it was because there were too many apps (I couldn't find anyone...
  2. smile72

    Homebrew How do I get Wii VC games to play in English?

    So I injected some Wii VC games (Xenoblade Chronicles) (all are US & EU) into my Wii U....but as my Wii U is plays in Japanese. I had some success but only with Arc Rise Fantasia (undub). Most others (that aren't altered) tend to boot in Japanese. I assume there is nothing I can...
  3. smile72

    Homebrew Can't access games (not sure why?)

    Well, I';m sorry for bothering you guys but I have just hooked back up my Wii U (I haven't used it recently (since 2017)) and I have quite a few folders (where games used to be, I assume) but no trace of the Homebrew Channel or anything. I only see CFW Mocha and I opened it (it's version 0.2 so...
  4. smile72

    Almost time for the Academy Awards let's discuss past snubs!

    So it's almost time for the Academy Awards (the nominations will be announced this week and the show will air on Mar 4th) so let's discuss what should HAVE been nominated or should HAVE won from PAST ceremonies. Almost all of my snubs will have occurred in the best actress category from Judy...
  5. smile72

    Congratulations Alabama~!

    Well no one made a thread about this so.....good job! You didn't elect an accused child molester and you elected a guy who prosecuted KKK members. Although it was only by 1.5% well good for you Alabama~! And Roy Moore can go fuck himself in hell where he belongs~!:toot:
  6. smile72

    Celebrity molestation cases

    Well, I didn't see a thread about I hope I'm the first. What do you think about the recent celebrity molestation incidents... I'm not shocked about any of them there have been rumors about Spacey, Segall (?) (is he still a celebrity?), Weinstein and Louis C.K. forever. So I'm just...
  7. smile72

    Hacking Problems transferring .3ds sav files to .cia

    So I'm not so much asking how to transfer sav files as I found a method on this forum but I'm wondering how to find certain sav files on my SD card (mainly of undubs) as I tried a method requiring me to check the files against this site so what I'm asking is how do I find the...
  8. smile72

    Hacking How do I change in-game language of games

    I use a Japanese Wii U. I have installed CFW and some of the games I have installed are in Japanese...they were EU do I change the text to English?
  9. smile72

    Homebrew Mocha cfw problem

    I followed a guide on hackinfromer (this one and it worked great up until the end of the haxchi part. When I hold B it should launch into the homebrew launcher however it just forces itself into the Mocha cfw launcher....which it...
  10. smile72

    Hacking Trying to undub Persona 4

    So well, I have followed the guide very carefully and Im at the step where you dump your copy of Persona 4 Golden. Mine is a physical copy and I cannot seem to extract it. I have moved the data.cpk onto my computer and I have used 2 or 3 different programs and have deleted and redumped maybe 5...
  11. smile72

    Hacking I bought a Wii U but I dont know where to get started

    I've read through a lot of the guides and they confuse me a little. So I have a few questions that I hope someone will answer. 1. What exactly is RedNAND? 2.Can I use game discs after hacking? 3.If I can use game discs can I go online ? I know with loadline I cant. I ask because my boyfriend...
  12. smile72

    Hacking Going to it wise to bring 3ds

    I would also like to bring Gateway with me.,...should I bring it to me in Japan I'll be there for a few weeks...and I'm leaving in about a week. Is it wise? I'm not sure what I should do.
  13. smile72

    Hacking problems

    I think I'm having some problems with this company. Bought a Gateway flashcart. And shortly thereafter got a nice fraud alert from my bank as I was charged by a WOMEN's clothing site located in China. Are they connected I emailed both companies and have heard nothing...
  14. smile72

    Tomomi Itano has graduated from AKB48

    Well, it's official as of a few minutes ago. Tomochin is no longer a member of AKB48 and tomorrow will be Sayaka Akimoto last day on stage as well...I'm wondering if I will still keep up with AKB48, I do like Paruru...but without Tomochin it makes me feel sad. If anyone watched her last...
  15. smile72

    Happy Birthday to Me

    It's my birthday.:toot:
  16. smile72

    AKB48 32nd Single Sousenkyo results

    So for the members who like and or love AKB48 what are your opinions of the results I was disappointed, I found it to be a terribly depressing day. Top Three 3.Mayu Watanabe - AKB48 2.Yuko Oshima - AKB48 1.Rino Sashihara - HKT48 Plus Mariko...
  17. smile72

    AKB48 Budokan Concert will be live-streamed on Youtube

    Source: Oh, I'm gonna watch some of these concerts, but I will definitely not miss AKB48's concert!!!!!!! List of the concert YouTube Japan will be streaming AKB48's concert will be on April 28th. Hope you all enjoy some of these concerts.
  18. smile72

    Hyperdimension Idol Neptune PP Opening Revealed If NISA is bold enough to bring this game over it will be the first of its genre, as the game has switched from its RPG roots to the idol genre. So, lets all show our support to get this to America and...
  19. smile72

    Tomomi Kahara first single in 7 years I hope this song does well! I miss her music! She did such such a wonderful version of 'I Dreamed a Dream'.
  20. smile72

    Neptune spin off for Noire on Vita

    Source: Source (for the new Neptune game on PSVita, the idol one): The Japanese...
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