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    Hacking Wii u pretendo error

    Hello! I am using jpn wiiu!And I tried to use pretendo on my wiiu, and as a result, after running nimble patcher, I made nnid, and when I made it, there was a screen related to pretendo.However, after restarting the console, installing nimble patcher and accessing miverse results in 102-2482...
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    Hacking cfw wii u nnid

    Hello! I am using cfw wii u, but I cannot create nnid. If you try to create a new nnid or try a nnid created by another device, the device will not work...What should I do?
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    Hacking wiiu vwiii not working

    Hello! I checked that the wii game is not working in my wii u and there is nothing in slccmpt01/title...What should I do?
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    Hacking Japan Wii U 160-0101

    Hello, I am using the Japan version of wiiu, but the current 160-0101 error is coming outI have files of otp.bin, seeprom.bin,slc.bin,nand and but I don't have soldering technology and soldering toolsIs there any way to solve 160-0101 other than soldering?
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    Hacking lan play,ldn mitm

    Hello! I am an ldn mitm user and I want play with Lan play!Can ldn mitm and lan play with each other?
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    Hacking vwii Language change

    Hello! I used setting edit to change the language of vwii!However, when you finish all the processes and run vwi, only the black screen is displayed after the wii text appears...The same applies to using the Original file... How can I make the vwii work?
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    Hacking wii vc injector ACCF

    Hello! I want play accf the using wii vc injector!However, accf does not support classical controllers...Changing options does not control or only some buttons work...For your information, accf only supports wii remote and nunchuk!What should I do to play accf with wii u gmae pad?
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    Hacking Korea 3DS miiverse

    Hello! I am using the Korean version of new 2ds xl!I got to know the private server of miiverse and prepared the file, but the problem is that there is no miverse in Korean version 3dsIf I don't change the language of my console to Japanese or English, can not I use miverse?
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    Hacking DS hacking tool

    What hacking tools do you need to access the ds game as a private server? (I know Wiimmfi but I want to access the server I created!)
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    Hacking DS, WII Private Server ROM Hacking

    Is there a way (or a program,something) to hack into the ROM of ds and wii so that it can be directly connected to my computer's server?
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    Hacking How do you create a private server for DS and WII?

    Hello! I want to make a private server of ds and wii!But I don't know the details...I want to know how to make ds and wii private server! +I know a private server such as wiimmfi, but I want to make a private server for some people!
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    Hacking gba backup tool mod

    I can't press r in gba backup tool, is there a way to change it to another button such as Start or is there a place where I can download modified gba backup tool?
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    Hacking gba save backup tool dldi

    I used the gba backup tool on r4sdhc. FAT initialization failed. Apply appropriate DLDI patches. It comes out like this.used dldi patches but same.What should I do? i used r4 sdhc&dsl
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    Hacking gba backup tool

    i used the gba backup tool on r4 sdhc, FAT initialization failed. Apply appropriate DLDI patches. That's what it says.What should I do?
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    ldn mitm software close error

    If you run the idn mitm and do local communication, it says The software was closed because an error occurred.What should I do?
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    Hacking ldn mitm error

    When the switch is operated to use ldn mint, an error appears and a desk:std::abort() called (0xffe) appears.What should I do?
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    Hardware Serial number

    Do I need to replace the whole motherboard, not some parts of the motherboard, to change the serial number of the Nintendo Switch?
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    Hardware Switch serial number

    What parts of the motherboard can I change the serial number of the Nintendo Switch?
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    Hacking banned Switch

    Can I remove the ban by replacing the emmc part of the Nintendo Switch?
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