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  1. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I'VE BEEN GONE FOR A WHIIIILE'

    I'm in Canada. Montreal. Yeah, I use a lot of slang and stuff, to be honest. I say "Dope" a lot, too. :P
  2. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I'VE BEEN GONE FOR A WHIIIILE'

    Thaaaanks :) I hope everyone around here is doing okay these days. And I kind of know you, I've seen you post a lot around here and etc.
  3. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Horny'

  4. sonknuck23


    So what is UP?? I've been out of the picture for quite some time, mad busy now. Let me fill those of you who know me / are curious about what's up :) WARNING: ONLY GOOD NEWS COMING UP AHEAD! So, life has been quite wonderful since September. :) I broke up with my ex, who by the way, was an...
  5. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Guh. Modeling!?'

    I'd give you advice, but i'm not really familiar with male modeling.
  6. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Another New Blink-182 Single'

    This song is dope.
  7. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Call me a little bitch.'

    Thanks a lot, really. Feels good to hear your thoughts, stories, and some of you who actually called me a little bitch made me laugh, haha. Feels good to smile. It's been 2 days since I did it, and in all honesty I know why I did it, and I know for ME I made the right choice, it just still...
  8. sonknuck23

    Call me a little bitch.

    So, after a year and a half, I made the decision to break up with my girlfriend. it happened yesterday. Now, for some reason, I feel like shit. Everyone tells me it's normal, 'cause it's what I wanted in the end, but why do I still feel like trash? I have work at 7am, it's 11:11pm, and I don't...
  9. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I just Moved out of my room ....'

    I wish I could do that, but my neighbors (As we speak) are blasting loud techno that's shaking the floors. But they're our landlord :(
  10. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Apple... they are too expensive.'

    I'm loving the "you wont sell it" comments, since i'm looking for a new iPod right now rofl. If you were here, I'd probably be interested. EDIT: Also, considering that the topic is mostly about how much his iPod would go for, and not so much about it being over-priced (although it was...
  11. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Someone casts a spell....'

    Sonic CD / Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Probably the latter, since I've played Sonic CD so many times.
  12. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'The Queen is back, everyone.'

    Who the fuck are you
  13. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I just got my Sega Master System. . .'

    But yeah, I'm not sure what's going on. It's really frustrating, and I have no other power supply to try it with, and no money for the next 2 weeks. . . EDIT: k, so we found out it IS the power supply, we wiggled it to a position that makes it work, and we taped it to the wall lmao. Problem...
  14. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I just got my Sega Master System. . .'

    Schlupi: It came with extra's, and tbh on eBay and around here the only ones i see are usually 30 and that's with nothing. This one came with 2 controllers, a light gun, and a game.
  15. sonknuck23

    I just got my Sega Master System. . .

    Like it says above, half the time when I turn it on it doesn't even go on. I tried unplugging it, plugging it in, changing outlets, it just doesn't work all the time. Pissed 'cause I bought it at a flea market that's super far and the only way to get there is by my friends car. Really pissed...
  16. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'I GOT MY SEGA MASTER SYSTEM <333'

    Yeah my TV is super old, it's not even flat screen, haha. Well actually, it's not OLD, it's like, 5 years, but still. :P It flashes when I point it at the screen but the game doesn't start, haha. And @ machomuu: Yeah, I looked ALL over the Flea Market (fucking HUGE) and found NOTHING Sega. The...
  17. sonknuck23


    I'm so psyched. I got it, Sega Master System. With a controller, a light gun, all wires, and I also got Alex Kidd in Miracle World. <333 The only issue is that when I try to run the Master System, the BIOS auto-load a menu where you choose between some racing game, and Safari Hunt (which uses...
  18. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'Tremble before my might, puny Tempers!'

    When you see more than 2 steps to crack an egg open, you know shit's intense. When I do it I get egg all over my fingers and shell goes inside the bowl. Sometimes i'll use a knife to do it and get it all over my face and shit, it's pretty awful. To make matters worse, when I cook them they're...
  19. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'My father surprised me. :o'

    I hear that, brother.
  20. sonknuck23

    Comment by 'sonknuck23' in 'New Blink-182 Single'

    ^ Especially in Mutt, from Enema Of The State. his drumming in that song goes to show that a simple song with formally simple drums can sound fucking ridiculously amazing. :)
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